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Senior Community from California Is One of the Best in the Nation

The Manse on Marsh, an assisting center for seniors from San Luis Obispo, won an award on behalf of Caring, an institution which recognizes and guides assisted living communities from the United States.

The Manse on Marsh became part of the Caring Stars program best assisted living centers from the country. Caring Stars communities are the most acclaimed on behalf of consumers since they are the best in the industry. In order for this type of living centers to be considered for the award, they had to between 2013 and 2014 received minimally three reviews. The centers also had to receive at least one perfect score. In the end of the cycle, they had to receive a grade of five stars. The senior community from California was among one of the winners in the nation and is considered currently the best one in the state.

The Caring Stars program was the first of its type in the industry for its genuine mission and dedication in guiding consumers about their choices. The program was too recognized back in 2013 by the National Mature Media Awards. also guides and supports assisted living communities, especially in regards to consumer preferences. Each year, these type of assisting facilities are discussed and reviewed in many types of social media platforms. The centers are too profiled and review by Caring and provided with training materials. More information about senior living communities can be found at Caring’s website.

The Manse on Marsh was established in 2001 by Chris Skiff, a man who has been developing and enhancing senior communities for decades. This living center, which is also located in the nice area of Arroyo Grande, offers a full gamut of lifestyle choices that are ideal for individuals from all walks of life. This center is also ideal for seniors who are seeking respite stays or temporary residence in order to achieve a life transition. All seniors at this place are given a pendant and five discreet daily check-ins, regardless of residential status at the center.

This assisting facility also offers many housing options. It even offers luxurious cottages and private homes. Residents of the community can also enjoy of the many wellness and entertainment services available. In fact, this center is known for its top-of-the-line theaters, clubs and seminars. The facility offers as well optional programs, which include meal reminders, showering assistance and even customized care plans. Caregivers, medical technicians and nurses are also available at all times.

Securus Technologies corrects misleading information published by GTL

Securus Technologies has been a leader in the criminal justice and technology solutions. Their primary goal has been to improve the experience of inmates at the time they spend in correction facilities. The company focuses on providing an array of services to inmates that are meant to enhance their safety, communication and receive essential emergency services. Such services include public information, communication, running investigations, emergency response and monitoring services. The company has grown to expand to other cities and different parts of the United States. They currently have their headquarters in Dallas, Texas where they serve more than three thousand correction facilities. The company avails its services to more than one million inmates spread across North America region.

Securus Technologies recently corrected wrong information put forth by GTL concerning its patents. One of GTL’s allegations was that the federal court had allowed them to seek injunctions for PTAB validation through their 816 patents. Securus later made it clear that the PTAB, a patent body, did not have the right to validate any patent and therefore cannot seek injunctions against those patents. In the same news, GTL had insisted that Securus were not allowed to monitor video monitoring visitations due to infringement of patents.

Claims like that where GTL insists that Securus Technologies does not have their equipment patented are unfounded. GTL insisted that they want to seek damages as Securus used their patents to get access their technology. Securus made a correction to the press release insisting that they have adequate technology. They have more patents compared to that of GTL. The company CEO went on to state they are ready to defend the company from any future attacks by GTL. He also questioned the approach taken by GTL to try solving disputes. The litigation undertaken by the firm is going to cost millions and may take years to complete.

EOS and Their Growth to Number Two

For nearly a century, there was no change to the lip balm industry. The main brand was Chapstick and there were very few competitors. All of the sticks looked and felt the same with very little variety. Roughly a decade ago, this all changed. EOS lip balm, Evolution of Smooth, came onto the scene and changed how everyone thought about lip balm.

The standard for lip balm was a cylinder shape with very few flavors. EOS wanted to make a huge impact and stand out from what was considered “the norm.” They started out with research. EOS wanted to know their customers, what they liked, what they disliked and what their needs were. Their results were very telling.

The main lip balm customers were women. The number one complaint these women had was that their lip balm was plain and they were always losing it in the bottom of their bags. This is where EOS got the idea that the shape needed a major change. They wanted something that looked nice and felt nice in their hand but was also a quality product.

A clay artist was brought in to help design the new shape for their lip balm. After some trial and error, the circle orb shape was the final design. Natural and organic ingredients were used in making the new product. These types of ingredients will be their specialty.

Once the items were placed on store shelves, the orbs began selling quickly. The products can now be purchased online thru Lucky Vitamin or ULTA. Beauty magazines went wild over all the new flavors. Celebrities were photographed with the product. The general public took to the new product quickly as well. EOS is continuing to grow their brand and they have found themselves in the number two slot when it comes to sales. They have created a great product that people want.


Getting It Right And Bright With Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but when she came to the United States and moved to New York, she made a name for herself. Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, a makeup company that specializes in selling everything from lip gloss to glitter for the eyes. The colors aren’t the traditional pinks and reds that you might expect. You’ll find everything from royal blue to lime green, colors that make women feel unique and beautiful at the same time. Each color and type of makeup that Deere creates is meant to give women the freedom that they deserve in today’s world.

Beauty is something that feels right at the time. It’s not something that is a trend or that is natural. Lime Crime has been in business since 2008, and it continues to grow as one of the strongest makeup markets on the internet. All of the cosmetics that are sold by Lime Crime are made with love and have not been tested on animals. The name of the company is derived from Deere’s favorite color and that she has had a dream that women should be able to wear makeup so bright and colorful that it should be illegal across the world.

Deere came up with the name of the company in 2004. She got her start on eBay when she started selling a few things that she was making at home. Her day begins by meeting with her Creative Director. Deere wants to see some of the new ideas that the team has come up with while giving her visions for new products. She doesn’t get a lot of time alone or to relax while at work as she’s always meeting with the Vice President of the company or those who work in various departments. She wants to stay updated on everything that goes on with Lime Crime instead of sitting back and letting someone else take over.

When it comes to inspiration, Deere sits back and lets the ideas come naturally. She doesn’t try to rush the ideas for her company. As soon as she does have an idea for a new product or a new color, she will work quickly in order to develop it so that others can see her vision. One of the things that Deere enjoys about Lime Crime is that it’s an e-commerce company where women can gather together to showcase their favorite products to each other. Learn more:

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Nationwide Title Clearing is Good for Employees and Clients

There have been many ways in which Nationwide Title Clearing has done well for their clients and they have worked to make sure that they are doing the most that they can. Not only do they work hard for their clients, they also work hard for their employees and to ensure that they are productive and happy.

Most of the clients who have used Nationwide Title Clearing are happy with the results that they have had. They know that the business has been successful and they know that they are doing a great job at what they have to offer all of their clients. This has allowed them to be extremely happy with what they have gotten and has allowed them the chance to tell other people. They have been a big help for Nationwide Title Clearing and it has allowed the business to gain even more clients.

The services that Nationwide Title Clearing have are mainly related to mortgages and people who are purchasing a home. They do the research on the home to find out if there is anything on the home that the potential new owners should know about. They are able to search for liens, back taxes and other things that could make the home more difficult to buy or a burden to the potential purchaser. They know what they are looking for and are professionals at document research. This allows them the chance to show that they are doing the best for the people.

The employees who work with Nationwide Title Clearing are generally happy with what the company has to offer them. They know that they are being treated just as good as the clients are and this allows them the chance to feel like they are a part of something great. Nationwide Title Clearing has been voted several times as the best place to work in Palm Harbor. The employees know that it is a great place to work and they want everyone else to know that it is a good place to work. They are nearly always satisfied with the options that they have at the company.

All of this has contributed to the growth of Nationwide Title Clearing. The company is much larger than it once was and this has allowed them to reach out and help even more clients and employees. They want to make sure that they are doing the best job and this often means that they need to expand from what they originally did when the company first started. It also means that they will continue to grow as the company gets bigger and more people refer others to the company. This will allow them to see the most growth.

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Andy Wirth’s Contribution to the Hotel Industry in California

Andy Wirth is the current president and CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The holding company owns the Alpine Meadows as well as Squaw Valley, both ski resorts based in Olympic Valley, CA. Through hard work and great managerial skills, he has managed to transform the ski area one of the leading tourist destinations globally. With his vast experience that spans over twenty-five years in the hotel industry, Andy’s achievements are well earned. Despite the favorable lineage that presented immense opportunities at a young age, Andy has proved to be his own man. The beginning of his work dates back to 1986 when he worked with Steamboat Springs Resort.

In the hotel industry, Andy mainly worked in the marketing as well as other leadership positions. With such positions, he got a good foundation that has seen him excellently manage the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The ski resort is strategically located because the Olympic Valley in California hosted the 1960 winter Olympics. Under Andy’s leadership, the resort has undergone major reforms that have seen it transform to the current leading global status. As a result of such transformations, Squaw Valley now hosts various summer events such as musical performers among others.

Despite his substantial commitment to the management of the resort, Andy finds time to engage in charity work. The charities that he is involved with focus on improving the Lake Tahoe area for better habitation. To this end, he contributes to the community as well as environmental programs mainly in the Lake Tahoe region. In acknowledgment of his efforts, he was appointed as the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board in 2012.

Andy is also involved in the management boards of various other organizations such as the Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation. Also, he is the president and director of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Board of Directors. His stay in the Lake Tahoe area has seen Andy become actively involved in many initiatives from his experience in management and business involvement. With a bachelor’s degree in science from Colorado state University and Edinburgh University in Scotland, he is well grounded educationally. Andy Wirth stands as an example of a person who has grown to his current position from dedication and hard work.