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How Evolution Of Smooth Caught An Entire Generation

Taking A Big Risk

Evolution of Smooth was an incredibly risky idea. By targeting young women specifically EOS was putting itself at risk of failing to attract enough attention to make a profit. However, despite these reservations it managed to turn itself into one of the most successful brands in the world. Among all brands of lip balm EOS is the second most popular. Millennial women in particular have a special fondness for EOS. According to Goldman Sachs Evolution of Smooth is one of 50 most popular brands among young women.

The Darling Of Social Media

Evolution of Smooth.Ca has one of the best marketing campaigns round. Thanks to the rise of social media, the brand can constantly expose itself to potential customers around the world on a daily basis through the EOS Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. Additionally, a major part of the brand’s success is celebrity power. You can find sphere’s of EOS lip balm on Amazon and in the music videos of some of the hottest musicians and you don’t have to look very far to find celebrity selfies with the famous lip balm. Evolution of Smooth is loved by just about everyone and it shows.

A Model For The Future

With the lip balm market under its hand, the company plans on trying to take on other personal care products. There are now Evolution of Smooth shaving creams and lotions to compete in those markets. Beyond diversifying the product line EOS is also intent on making sure production is as efficient as possible. All EOS products are made in automated factories to ensure they are produced and shipped as fast as possible. EOS products are being sold by large scale stores which includes the likes of Target, Walmart and online giant Amazon. Evolution of Smooth is undeniably a Millennial brand and future companies will only continue to reflect the trends that this company embodies. For more information, visit


Billy McFarland Launches the Magnises Black Card

According to INC, Billy McFarland is a 25-year-old American tech entrepreneur. He was born in New York City and raised in Short Hills, New Jersey. His entrepreneurial skills became evident at the age of 13. It was at this age he founded his first online company.

The company dealt in online outsourcing and matched clients with the right designers. Briefly, he went to the University of Bucknell, Pennsylvania and undertook a degree in computer engineering.

Today, Billy McFarland has been instrumental in the foundation of Spling and Magnises black card companies. Spling was founded towards the end of freshman year in college. He left school and opened an online platform that allowed users to improve the appearance of URLs.

Changing the appearance of text into graphic images which are organized as mosaics was made possible by a computer program he had coded. He is still the chief executive officer at Spling.

Towards the end of August 2013, McFarland founded Magnises. Together with his team, he launched the Magnises black card on 1st March 2014. Magnises black card is community and technology based and offers perks, guidance, and improves the quality of life for the card holders.

The introduction of the card is purposely for the millennial generation who are less financially endowed and would like to enjoy life in most of the classiest joints in New York.

However, Magnises black card is not a credit or debit card. It does not link to any financial institution. Instead, it links data from an existing financial card to the strip of the black card.

It can, therefore, get used in place of the original debit or credit card. Cardholder pays an annual fee of $250. It has no spending requirements.

Members get to enjoy the benefits of owning this card by receiving discounts. They can enjoy dinner and get to spend nights in selected hotels in the city of New York at subsidized prices. They are treated to night life’s in selected clubs in the City. The company has launched a mobile application that allows the users to get updates on events taking place around the city.

Fabletics Showcases Innovative Digital Strategies

Kate Hudson’s lifestyle brand Fabletics uses innovative media strategies to market to customers and build a base. One characteristic of the brand is how the internet is used to promote the brand. Fabletics found success The campaign featuring pictures of Kate Hudson smiling and having a great time reaches women who wear the clothes to exercise and live in. In three years the company amassed 250 million since it began in 2013. This is impressive to say the least, as Amazon controls 20% of the fashion industry in e-commerce.

Fabletics uses a subscription method, where members pay a monthly fee and receive clothing as well as special perks for signing up. This is radically different from traditional sales methods for clothes, utilizing technology to provide customers reliable services every month.

Now they are opening stores all over the United States, including California, Hawaii, Illinois, and Florida. The unique quality of reverse showroom is the brand was first established online, then moved into brick and mortar stores. This means that there is already a degree of brand loyalty, and retention rates are high. 30-50% of customers who walk in the stores are members, and 25% become members after walking in. The online platform is linked with the store, as any article of clothing that a customer tries on is put in the cart online.

Fashion shown in the stores is based on local trends, calculated through online data collected. The stores carry items most likely to be worn in the area. The brand experienced large growth, over 35% every year. The parent company TechStyle says the combination of high quality clothes and a spokesperson who is authentic, as well as creative teams and providing clothes at a good price sparked the success of the brand. With the digital era in mind, Fabletics used memberships, smart branding, and analytic data to sustain a brand that is available in ten countries. Using the digital environment to its advantage, Fabletics provides fast service, such as shipping and digital check out. The brand centers around making shopping for clothes a personal experience for their customers.

Fabletics offers a variety of clothes, such as tees, leggings, joggers, and sports bras. The clothes come in many different colors and patterns. First time users on the website can take a quiz about their work out preferences, and are offered a special discount. The memberships are monthly and renewed automatically unless the customer decides to opt out.

Get Quality Lung Stem Cell Treatment At The Lung Institute

Lung Institute provides exemplary lung diseases treatment services to all patients even if they have different stories of how they became ill. We examine patients thoroughly by focusing on their medical history and the current condition. We utilize Natural maintenance ability of stem cells to get the best treatment for patients. Stem cells that have undergone treatment are introduced into the body where they ultimately rest in the lungs, hasten healing and reduce inflammation. Taking all patients equally and offering quality treatment regardless of their background information help in effective treatment.

Physicians in Lung Institute have a vast knowledge that enables them to gain global recognition for effective treatment of chronic lung diseases. The doctors successfully apply a treatment that is revolutionary and does not disturb the stem cells. Doctors establish experience with patients, provide high patient safety and quality healthcare. The Institute do stem cell transplant by using and the platelet-rich plasma therapy to enhance healing of the damaged tissue. Stem cell therapy done to the outpatients improve their quality of life.

The recent presentation by the Lung Institute doctor, Jack Coleman, Jr., depict that the Institute does extensive research before adopting any new method of treatment. The event held in Italy aimed to explain how stem cells are used in treatment today and its ability to be applied tomorrow. Stem cell therapy has many advantages over other methods of treatment such as using medications. Any alternative form of treatment proves not only to be cumbersome but also costly and hinder the process of healing. You can read more at about stem cell research.

Individuals with chronic lung ailments find it daunting to enjoy their preferred activities or spend time with people. However, Lung Institute would help you get back to your favorite activities. Some patients with chronic asthma cannot participate in activities of the family or enjoy doing their preferred activities because they have to walk around with oxygen and other paraphernalia. It would be important to note that after treatment, you no longer need the oxygen or walker. There is plenty of treatment options available, but if you want to find out more, please contact the patient’s coordinators and schedule a consultation. Or visit us at


Making Surgical Procedure Safe and Pain-free

Many people get scared of surgical procedure because they feel the pain involved could be unbearable. That is not the case particularly when qualified and experienced anesthetists handle the process. One organization that has distinguished itself in this field over the years is Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA).

They have specialists that attend to cases of general anesthesia. General Anesthesia takes care of extensive surgery that requires complete stillness and unconsciousness on the part of the patient. Examples are brain, chest, abdominal or heart surgery. Physicians pay more attention to patients breathing amid general anesthesia. After the pre-anesthetic assessment, the surgeon and anesthesiologist will prescribe a kind of analgesic that suit the procedure used and the patient’s general health status.

Their regional anesthesia specialists keep recording outstanding breakthroughs. Regional Anesthesia controls the sensation of pain on a specific region of the body such as arms, lower abdomen or legs during surgery. It all starts with sedative medications administered through an IV before the administration of local anesthetic to the nerve directly linked to the area of the body being operated on

CAA also have specialist that address Monitored Anesthesia Care: commonly referred to as “Twilight Sleep.” This type is usually administered for procedures that involve surgery on delicate soft tissues. The anesthesia provider numbs the area of operation with the aid of an IV that reduces anxiety and pain while local anesthesia is placed in the surrounding tissue.

It is thus obvious from the above that CAA is one of the few anesthesia providers that embrace the concept of specialization. They have specialists for each of the three general classifications of anesthesia: General Anesthesia, Regional Anesthesia, and Local/MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care).

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