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Brad Reifler American Financial Mover and Shaker

Brad Reifler is an American Entrepreneur in the financial field. He was the founder of Forefront Capital and was the former chairman and founder of Pali Capital, a global financial firm.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler was a star trader at Refco, a financial firm founded by his grandfather. Brad Reifler created the Reifler Trading Company that was acquired in 2000 by Refco.

Brad Reifler is a director and board member for Sino Mercury Company and Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, and European American Investment Bank.

Brad Reifler is also the grandson of Refco founder Ray E. Friedman.

In an economic matter affecting Asia, Brad Reifler recently expressed his opinion along with countless other experts in economics who collectively have reasoned that raising the age of retirement in China is simply sweeping that economic problem under the rug for this giant international economy.

Currently, in China, the minimum age for women to retire is 50, and for men, it is 60. By 2020, Chinese officials want to make the age of retirement at least five years older for each sex.

The world of high finance offers great rewards for brokers and entrepreneurs, but the fast paced lifestyle extracts much emotional capital from all concerned.

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Environmental Economic Growth For Brazil

The natural beauty of Brazil and the quality of the air and water that the Brazilian people and unique Brazilian animals must have to live has been compromised by decades of misuse and abuse by local and international manufacturers and users of natural resources on Flavio Maluf has run counter to the trend in the development of a company called Eucatex that converts a natural resource – eucalyptus – into acoustic linings for doors and buildings.

The Eucatex process includes replanting a valuable and irreplaceable natural resource and the husbandry of eucalyptus in a way that ensures generations of raw material and jobs for Brazilians at Eucatex has become known around the world as one of the most environmentally conscious companies in the world.

Flavio Maluf is a mechanical engineer who trained at the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in São Paulo and studied business administration at New York University. When Maluf assumed a leadership role at Eucatex in 1997, his education and abilities became readily apparent. The company on expanded to three new plants, developed new international markets, and produced new products for the furniture industry and civil construction.

As president of Eucatex, Maluf initiated changes in processes, modernized management philosophy, and internationalized the first eco-friendly company that is home grown in Brazil. Maluf’s abilities have been demonstrated in record growth for his company even during the recent down turn in building and construction in Brazil.

Flavio Maluf is reputed to be what the U. S. calls a hands-on manager. He states that his success and the success of Eucatex would not have been possible without having an intimate knowledge of raw materials, manufacturing processes, quality management, markets, and finance.

Flavio Maluf is passionately and intimately involved in working with local government and local construction business in an effort to produce a turn around in the slump in growth that began in 2013. His efforts have produced a 750 percent increase in market expectations for a revival of the construction industry in Brazilian in the next two years.

Maluf’s thirty-year marriage to Jacqueline Torres has produced three sons. Each of his sons is engaged in receiving an education in Brazil and abroad that will position them for assuming a leadership role in the company that their father brought to prominence in Brazil.

Anthony Petrello’s Successful And Inspiring Life

Meeting Anthony Petrello, you would think that he was born rich with all the happiness that the universe can give someone in this life.

He is one of the world’s highest paid individuals, a fact that got many people by surprise including his college roommate. He is a very successful businessman leading one of the world’s best oil and gas drilling company. Above all, Tony is the best father that his daughter could ever have, and a supportive husband to his wife. Even if his daughter was prematurely born, a condition that made her develop cerebral palsy, Anthony and his wife have given the best care that the world provides, and they have made their daughter live and enjoy the joy of childhood just like other kids.

But who is Anthony Petrello outside of family life? Tony is a lawyer and a mathematician who was educated at one of the best colleges and universities in the world; he got his law degree at Yale University. He then practiced law at a firm called Baker & McKenzie law firm in New York, and he was easily made a partner in a short period. He held this position for some time before he resigned to go and work with Nabors Industries Ltd. Here, he worked diligently and gradually climbed his career ladder to the CEO and the Chairman of the board of this most successful contractor company in gas and oil business.

Anthony and his wife have been generous contributors towards research in neurology studies through Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. They turned their daughter’s health complication into a miracle for many children. Anthony’s current company, Nabors Industries Ltd, has also been the biggest contributor to many communities’ development programs by participating in different fundraising like taking part in the cycling fight against multiple sclerosis.

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The Cure to Lung Diseases

Chronic Lung Diseases make it difficult for individuals to enjoy their day to day lives. Shortness of breath gets in the way of every activity one enjoyed doing previously. However, The Lung Institute with the use of the Stem Cell Therapy has come out with a revolutionary way to tackle lung diseases. These branches of the Lung Institute are in 5 different places namely, Tampa, Tennessee, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Texas.

The Lung Institute understands that every individual has their own identity and hence has different ways of dealing with everyone’s disease. In this treatment, the stem cells help in regenerating or start the healing process of the damaged tissues. Lung stem cell therapy mainly comprises of the stem cells being reintroduced in the victim’s body, where they make their way to the lungs and start healing the affected tissues.

According to Cedars-Sinai, every treatment performed at the Lung Institute is performed with stem cells that are autologous, which means that these cells come from a patient’s body. Due to these circumstances, the treatments are deemed to be very safe. The treatments are not intrusive at all and are performed over a course of three days on an outpatient basis.

The Lung Institute uses stem cell ( maintenance capabilities that are completely natural. Stem cells are withdrawn and separated from a patient’s bone marrow or blood, and then the stem cells are reintroduced into the body. The stem cells then enter into the lungs and rest inside them, which promotes inflammation reduction and natural healing.

Joining hands with the Lung Institute can help the patients of lung diseases to breathe a lot better as well as to live a lot better! To go through the numerous testimonials of our patients, feel free to visit the testimonials link at