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Sam Boraie: A Visionary With An Aim To Change The History Of New Brunswick

Omar Boraie is a founder and is president Boraie Development LLC. Omar, a lively old man, made it a reality what most people think would be nothing more than a mess. NJ Biz describes him as a visionary, who envisioned and then worked very hard to turn his dream into reality. He never thought of something for his use, what he dreamt was his love, devotion, and dedication to his city and its people.

Once he shared his experiences with people, he said that when he discussed his intentions of turning New Brunswick into a modern and architectural hub, people at that time laughed at him. But when he completed his first landmark, The Aspire and proceeding for others, those entrepreneurs are nibbling their lips. He said that his success is not because of his expertise but because of the cause for which he was working hard “To Help Others.”

Back in old time, New Brunswick looked like a remote city with less or very little architectural landmarks. But now when people out from the top floor of The Aspire by Omar, they see a grooming city with an exceptional look. Omar once said that Dick Sellers and other entrepreneur are nothing but more names who shared the same dream to turn New Brunswick into an architectural hub.

By constructing world-class residential projects, employers can now say that their employees can now stay there rather than moving in and out for their official works. It is an exceptional work that has been done by Omar, and this change will help New Brunswick to prosper and grow as a vibrant community of old and young, students of Rutgers and business people.

His next project with the name Albany Street Tower Three is here to change the history of New Brunswick and to help people enjoy quality living which was once very hard to find in this town. It will be a mixed-use building with approx. 150,000 square feet which are dedicated only for offices of multinational companies so that they can open their branch here in this. It will ultimately lead to more job opportunities for local.

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The Popularity Of EOS Lip Balm

Lip balm is one of the most beloved items in the world. Lip balm is great because it can be used to moisturize the lips and make the lips look good. Now, there are many lip balm brands on the market. However, that wasn’t always the case. Back in the day, there were only two lip balm brands that many people purchased. Those brands were Chapstick and Blistex. Chapstick was the number one lip balm brand for many years. However, their style of lip balm was pretty standard and boring. Chapstick only had one popular flavor which was cherry and their packaging was pretty standard as well. Their packaging consisted of a cylinder with a red label for Cherry or a black label for a regular lip balm. Many people would consider Chapstick to be a boring lip balm. Now there is a lip balm that is changing the lip balm industry. This lip balm is so cool and so fun and it caters to young people all over of the world. EOS, also known as Evolution Of Smooth is a new lip balm company that is taking the world by storm. EOS has great packaging, that has great flavors, and they smell really good. EOS can be found in almost every Walmart and Target store all over the country. Many celebrities can be seen with EOS lip balm such as Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, and Miley Cyrus.

EOS lip balm is popular because of their packaging. The EOS lip balm packaging consists of pastel colored balls. They are creative and many women consider them a fashion statement. Another key component of the popularity of EOS lip balm is the flavors. EOS has many flavors such as honeydew, passion fruit, vanilla bean, and pomegranate raspberry. EOS outdid Chapstick because they stood out from the crowd. Many people love to be different and EOS is a unique lip balm. The company has made over $250 million and they are now the second best-selling lip balm in the United States. The company is slated to make even more money in the next several years and their popularity does not seem to be dying down anytime soon.

EOS is popular and loved because they did something different than the rest of their competitors. The company is catering to their customers by listening to them and acknowledging that they take the time to buy their products. EOS is successful because they treasure the opinion of their customers.

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Fabletics Plans To Eat Into Amazon’s Share In The Competitive Fashion Industry

Succeeding in the competitive online fashion retail industry is not easy. Large corporations such as Amazon dominate the industry. According to recent data, Amazon controls over 20 percent of the online fashion business. However, these statistics did not deter Kate Hudson from venturing in the trade through her company, Fabletics. In the past three years, Kate Hudson has seen the company grow from a small agency to a large corporation valued at over $250 million. Despite such achievements, Fabletics is not yet satisfied. The online fashion subscription retailer is now planning to take Amazon head one and eat into its market share. The company’s objective may seem far-fetched. However, the leadership of Fabletics has much belief in their business strategies.

Historically, the prices and quality of a company’s products and services has determined the strength of a brand. However, the focus of modern markets goes beyond the products offered by a company. For instance, last mile services, brand recognition, gamification, exclusive design, and customer experience have become a crucial part of any business. Over the years, Fabletics has focused on providing its clients with exceptional shopping experience. The corporation believes that by satisfying its clients’ utility, through unmatched customer experience, they will be able to attract and retain more customers. The company’s products are also exclusively designed and affordable. This information was originally published on Forbes.

Like other leading online retailers, Fabletics is also opening physical stores. Just like Apple and Warby Parker, Fabletics conducts extensive research before deciding where to locate its stores. Strategic location and positioning of a business aids in boosting the image of a given brand besides attracting more clients. The company has over 16 physical stores. They are located in Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, and California.

Fabletics is also relying on proven strategies such as fashion membership. This approach has resulted in the success of JustFab, Fabletics’ sister company. As per the strategy, clients subscribe for monthly delivery of handpicked ‘activerwear’ attires. The clothes are selected based on clients’ fashion preferences.

Although the process is tedious, Fabletics works round the clock to offer clients with items that are tailored to their specific fashion needs. The company knows about the tastes of their clients through their Lifestyle Quiz. When answering these questions, clients are encouraged to provide honest responses. Clients are free to answer the questions at any time to reflect their true preferences. The company has an option that allows consumers to change the items selected for them before they can be shipped.

About Fabletics

Fabletics is a women’s sportswear and accessories company. The online fashion retailer sells its products to clients through a membership program that allows clients to receive handpicked products based on their preferences. In addition, the company brings its products to the customers through its 18 brick-and-mortar stores.

Many non-sponsored reviews such as A Foodie Stays Fit have praised the company’s services, especially its use of Lifestyle Quiz to determine its customers’ preferences. A Foodie Stays Fit posits that clients of Fabletics get value for money courtesy of the company’s innovative services and products. The company offers its clients great customer service, hugely discounted products and quality products designed using non-see-through materials. Moreover, Fabletic’s flexible system allows for easy interaction between the company and clients. This information was originally reported on A Foodie Stays Fit.

Adam Goldenberg’s contributions at JustFab

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are probably the last guys you would imagine could start and run a successful fashion company. Nevertheless, the establishment of JustFab is evidence that these co-CEOs are out to modify the fashion e-commerce. In 2014, JustFab was worth 1 billion USD.

Adam and Don are very good at spotting trends, growing businesses and developing industry number one brands, and an all this is combined with fun and passion that is hardly in existence in a sector that carries itself with too much seriousness.

Adam established his first ever company, the Gamers Alliance, when he was on 15 years old, that he sold after three years to Intermix Media, the MySpace mother company, in the year 1999. He abandoned secondary school and joined Intermix as theStrategic Planning Vice President. At 20 years of age, he was made the COO (Chief Operating Officer). Adam became the most juvenile COO a popularly traded company ever had. He later met Don, a brand building expert and entrepreneur who had also sold his company, FitnessHeaven to Intermix Media in 2001. The two just clicked and became big friends.

In 2005, News Corporation acquired Intermix, so Adam and Don decided to start and run their independent company. After one year of intense research, they formed Intelligent Beauty, an incubator platform for e-commerce brands. They established numerous beauty and health brands as the market leaders and began conceptualizing a new form of online shopping that would create a personalized experience. Their plan was to incorporate a leading fashion with social interaction and make its price affordable.

To exploit this untapped opportunity, Don and Adam were guided by the fact that, for a fashion line to prosper online, it must be engaging, highly social and fun. The two friends prepared themselves for the Intelligent Beauty’s major expansion, and they created a personalization fashion platform, hired style designers, and consultants, and built out an affordable and attractive subscription model. This resulted to JustFab, a fashion community where its members receive a wide selection of handbags, shoes, and other accessories based on their taste every month for 39.95 USD.

“Not only does JustFab ship out bags and shoes monthly, but we also change the model of subscription to keep it highly engaging,” said Adam recently on CNBC. “We guide women on how to match bags and shoes with their clothes by offering style boards as well as demonstrating complete stylish appearances on models,” he added. According to Don, JustFab, now TechStyle, aims at building women’ confidence through their wardrobes and provide the best fashion and style tips.

Today, TechStyle stock bags, shoes, and accessories of all colors and sizes. They have three main branches namely; ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, and FabKids, and serve millions of clients across the continent and generate billions in revenue.



Waiakea Water and the Bottled Water Delivery Phenomenon

Waiakea Springs has given people a lot to talk about. This is one of the most innovative brands of water on the market today. The bottled water industry has been growing in leaps and bounds, and a lot of people are impressed with what the bottle delivery industry has come up with.

Waiakea water is not sold everywhere, but people have the ability to order it online. They can become subscribers to this and get water on a regular basis.

They will be able to get a discount if they order water in this way. Regardless of whether they subscribe or not, any water that is ordered online will help people in places that do not have clean drinking water. Learn more about Waiakea water:

Portion of the proceeds from sales for this brand of water is donated to water relief organizations like Pump Aid that are providing people in need with clean drinking water. This has become something that has inspired a lot of men and women that have always wanted to help others. Now they get the chance to do so by simply purchasing some of the delectable bottled water for themselves.

According to Crunchbase, in this day and age there are bountiful drinking water options, but Waiakea water stands out because of the connection with volcanoes. When people see this advertised they cannot help but to become curious. The concept of volcanic water is intriguing to all that see these marketing campaigns.

That may be the most creative thing that the founder of this company has been able to do. He has taken water from one of the purest environments in the world and created a campaign that intrigues consumers about how this water may taste.

A campaign that presents this as a sweet electrolyte powerhouse makes this water appealing to many. That is why it is growing tremendously with a large number of consumers that are ordering this water online.

It is not sold everywhere so consumers are learning about this water primarily through word-of-mouth from friends and family. That is another great way for Waiakea founder Ryan Emmons to cut the costs of operations.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Provide Their Own Spin To Clothing

With all the talk about Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and all of the brands of TechStyle, it might be a good idea to go into what exactly they offer for their customers. One thing that should be made clear is that TechStyle is mostly for women. However, there are some lines of clothing for men. With JustFab, they have a lot of different types of products for women. Among the products they carry are shoes, purses, tote bags, and plenty of other accessories. However, when it comes to clothing, they make sure that they offer something that is unique as well so that customers will continue to shop at their store.


Among the areas where JustFab is unique is in the type of t-shirts they offer. They make sure that they don’t offer anything that does not have a different spin on it. They also make sure that the designs differ in ways that are very likable. Among the tops they offer women are tunics, Criss-cross tops, cross over body suits, and plenty of other hard to find unique pieces of clothing. Of course they are offered in many different colors, fits, and sizes. Therefore, women will easily find something that they want.


Even with the online success of JustFab, there is a flagship store that is available in Glendale. There are no plans to open up anymore locations. However, the other brand, Fabletics, is one of the most successful brands in the TechStyle family. They have opened plenty of locations in many different markets. They have also taken steps to be all-inclusive as well.


Lime Crime Debuts New Products

Lime Crime, the cosmetic company founded by Doe Deere, is known for its bright colors of eye shadows, nail polishes and lip glosses. PopSugar recently announced that Lime Crime will release three new colors to their Diamond Crushers lip gloss collection. The three new hues are: Cleopatra, shade of rose gold; Acid Fairy, a holographic hue; and Black Unicorn, which shimmers and has an oil-slick look to it.


Unlike conventional iip gloss, the Diamond Crusher’s products is a top coat for lips and is water-based. Diamond Crushers can be worn alone or over lipstick and last long without drying the lips or smudging.


Diamond Crushes costs around $19 each and will also be available in the Black Unicorn bundle, which is $40 and features all three new shades. A release date for the lip products has not been confirmed yet, but the Lime Crime website will feature the date soon.


Lime Crime is also set to release Unicorn Hair Dye. The dyes will come in 11 colors. There isn’t an official launch date, but customers who love bright strand shades will definitely jump at the chance to try Unicorn Hair Dye. The Lime Crime website states that all the hair dyes are vegan and cruelty-free, just like all over Lime Crime products. The dyes are also free of bleach, ammonia and peroxide.


These new product introductions are further proof that Lime Crime is not for the woman who is looking for conventional beauty. The items are fun, colorful and outgoing, and these are traits that Doe Deere encourages in Lime Crime fans.