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The Unique Lip Balm that has taken the beauty market by surprise

Fast Company has recently interviewed a rapidly growing lip balm company that is radically transforming the market. EOS lip balm has taken over the lip balm scene as the second best lip balm aside from Chapstick, Blistex and Burt’s Bees. For seven years they have been creating little bundles of joy in their popular pastel colors and unique flavors. They took a plunge into an already popular market and became the first choice for the millennial generation. EOS lip balm can be found in stores like Wal-Mart, Target and some convenient stores. They have evolved into a $250 million dollar company in result of the last seven years, and work to continue to produce the best lip balm on the market.

Kline Research is reporting that EOS lip balm sells over 1 million items per year and is hoping to continue their popular sales, and reach the 2 billion dollar mark by 2020. Co-founder and partner, Sanjiv Mehra, talks about EOS lip balm as a small starter company that turned into a profitable, yet very popular business. They focus on the overall ingredients of each product to ensure the natural background and organic input. They have realized the demand for such product, and have taken it to the next level. As they have grown throughout the years, they understand that it’s important for people to understand their values and what they stand for.

The compilation and design behind the lip balm has many people stunned with appeasement. Mehra, along with his partners, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky, spent time developing a design that would appeal to the beauty aisle. They listened to buyers and how they were tired of looking for tubes of chapstick in their purses. They liked the idea of having their lip balm in a pot, but for hygiene reasons didn’t want to always be sticking their finger in it. That’s when EOS lip balm was created with their unique design.

Building A Career In Investment Management

If you want to build a career in investment management, you need to learn from people who have already succeeded at a high level.

Paul Mampilly recently won an award for his work in the field. With all of the changes in the economy today, you need to have a financial plan for your future. A lot of people are worried about what is going on in the market, but you can take advantage of those changes with a few minutes of strategic thinking. Paul Mampilly can help you with your finances in a variety of ways. He likes to start out with what your goals are, and then he moves on from there. With all of the changes that are going on in the economy, now is the time to figure out how to help other people on the road to success.

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Paul Mampilly
From the time that he started in business, Paul Mampilly has always been about helping other people get to a new level. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that he is working on right now. If you are ready to learn how to help other people, you need to work with him on a plan for the future. Paul Mampilly has proven that he understands how to invest in the long term, and he is excited about all of the changes that he is making in this area. A lot of people like his conservative investing style that has done well for them in the time that he has been in the industry.

For the long term investor, it does not get much better than Paul Mampilly. He has helped a lot of people during the course of his career, and he is going to continue to do so in the years ahead.

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