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Mike Baur, a highly focused businessman, and an outgoing entrepreneur. Mike worked at a bank for almost over twenty years. Some of the nicest banks that Mr. Baur worked with are the USB and the Clariden Leu. In his previous job of banking, Mike worked exemplary well to enable him to be considered as a good man in the Banks.


Despite a good job in the banks, Mr. Baur decided to ditch his work in the bank to be involved in the founding of the Swiss Start-Up Factory. In the Swiss Start, Up Factory Mike comes out as the Co-founder of the organization. The organization was all started in the year Two thousand and fourteen. Some of the people Mr. Baur began with the Organization are, Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.


At the University of St. Gallen, Mike got involved in the start Summiteer. In January two thousand and sixteen the organization Swiss Startup partnered with the CTI and in the due process of the partnership, Mike got named as the Deputy Managing Director. Similarly, in the same year, Mike led to the creation and pushing up of the program with the Gold Back Group. In two thousand and sixteen, Mr. Baur’s organization made a fruitful partnership with the Fintech Fusion in February of the year.


Mike is a well-sophisticated fellow as he holds a Masters in Bachelors of Arts from the University Of Rochester New York. Not only in the former School, but Baur also studied Executive Master In Bachelors of Arts all from the University of Berne. In some of the recap of previous interviews of Mike Baur, some of the primary intentions for Mr. Baur leaving his job at the banks and beginning the Organization and the factory; Swiss Startup Company was to influence the people of Switzerland to be able to have the opportunity to startup various businesses. He is highly involved in the startup activities. Being involved in the creating a joint and a bridge between the previous economy and the most recent economy, hence impacting change in several companies in Swiss.


As far as being involved as a Mentor in most of the universities is concern, Mike is also involved in giving the speech to most of the Campuses in Swiss. According to giving out advice to the varsities, he highly drove the idea of the Swiss republic involving in developing most original and digital companies.Mike Baur is highly involved in the financial supports and overall fundraising in the Swiss Startup Factory. Due to hid enormous support not only in the field of being the one and the principal co-founder of the factory, but Mike also helps in improving the financial condition of the organization in general.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Success in Fabletics

Don Ressler and Andrew Goldenberg are the co-founders of Fabletics. Fabletics was founded as a response to cater for the demanding human concerns and needs regarding active wear. Being unique, Fabletics brings out revolutionized active wear products. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg collaborated with high-end client personalities like actresses, artists, and other celebrities to innovate their active wear products.

Goldenberg and Ressler approached the friendly and super active actress Kate Hudson who understood the women psychology more than them when it came to selecting athletic wear. They collaborated with Kate Hudson who was so enthusiastic about producing athletic wear for women to help them stay fit, healthy and physically active and for the first time, the industry started focusing on contemporary concerns that women experience when they shop for active wear.

This is because, in all the other consumer groups, women are the most affected when it came to getting high-quality active wear products that will suit their needs. The costs for attractive, active wear products were high, and still, it was hard to get well fitting and attractive products.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg witnessed that the market needed an intervention and rose to the new challenge and started catering to the needs of the women in the US. During that period when they decide to produce women active wear products, Adam Goldenberg and don Ressler owned TechStyle Fashion Group.

The challenge they faced when they wanted to start Fabletics was coming up with the huge capital base needed initiate the firm. Even though they were running a highly profitable online business, the capital for starting Fabletics was still enormous. Shifting to a significant active wear industry needed branding which seemed impossible at the time because Fabletics was a minor brand.

This was when they decided to approach Kate Hudson, and to their dismay, she was so enthusiastic about fashionable active wear for women. Learn more about Adam Goldenberg:

Fabletics was soon launched with the help of a brand identity, active social media presence, and client focus central to TechStyle. Since TechStyle was already a successful business, Fabletics was based on its success.

Fabletics has currently expanded their brand to include plus size active wear products. This shows that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg believe women should keep fit, physically active and stay healthy irrespective of their size, color or shape preference. They still hold on to Kate Hudson’s idea of the modern woman, stressing that women should look even when working out.

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Rodrigo Terpins’ Race to the Top of the Leader Board in Motorsports

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver and businessman. He recently finished in the eighth overall position in the 22nd Sertões Rally. He emerged third in the T1 Prototype group. The event is one of Brazil’s largest off-road races. The 22nd edition attracted thirty-eight participants. The rally covered over 1600 miles in two states. The event is one of the most challenging in the Brazilian series.

The 22nd edition was reported to be shorter than previous versions. His co-driver Fabricio Bianchini in car #326 navigated Rodrigo Terpins. Speaking after the event, he described the rally as pleasant and thanked his support team for an exemplary job. The torturous terrain had a lot of mud, and he was proud that his car was up to the challenge.

He adopted a cautious strategy to familiarize himself with the car and its capabilities. He advises drivers to make sure their vehicles are properly serviced before the start of any race. Rodrigo Terpins comes from a family of rally enthusiasts. His brother Michael Terpins is also a renowned rally driver. The two brothers are part of the Bull Sertoes Rally team.

According to, Michael Terpins also took part in the 22nd Bull Sertoes Rally but bowed out after his car overturned. The two have participated in more than five Sertoes rallies. Rodrigo Terpins’ father is an engineer and former sports leader and basketball player. Rodrigo Terpins is said to have inherited his father’s passion for sports, competitiveness and ingenious leadership. He drives a T-Rex, a product of MEM Motorsports.

He has participated in other rally championships in the country such as the Mitsubishi Cup Championship in 2011. Rodrigo Terpins previously worked as the Director of Operations of Marisa SA, a Brazilian fashion chain store with a focus on women’s clothing. He was in-charge of strategic planning and e-commerce. The company operates from Sao Paulo.

Rodrigo Terpins has achieved phenomenal success with proven results on the rallying scene. In a report by Economia, he is expected to perform even better in this year’s series. The race will be held in the mid-west state of Mato Grosso. It is poised to attract close to three hundred participants and cover over two thousand miles.