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Fabletics, Empowering The Crowd To Make Informed Purchases Through Reviews

Brands such as Fabletics have built their success by using a rather simple formula, one that is taken for granted by other companies. This success mantra is based on increasing the power of the crowd for consumer purchases and empowering consumers to make educated decisions while purchasing products with the help of unbiased user reviews. One might wonder, why does this success mantra work so brilliantly while other tactics tend to fail especially over a period? The answer is simple; people trust reviews especially if unbiased that have a list of both pros and cons.



The Bright Local Study that was conducted very recently has indicated that 84% of the consumers that shop online trust both unbiased user reviews along with personalized recommendations from a trusted seller, acquaintances, and friends. Brands such as Fabletics understand the importance of letting customers decide, not influencing them forcibly and allowing quality products to speak for themselves. Buyers that can trust both a brand and the reviews that are left on the site are also more likely to make repeat purchases from that particular e-commerce vendor.



While these are many e-commerce websites that allow their users to leave reviews, if they have not seen similar results; they might begin to ponder what is Fabletics doing that we aren’t? The reviews left by users who have previously purchased products from this brand are genuine and authentic as well as many of these reviews are positive which reflects well on Fabletics. Various researches done to study the effects of reviews on the purchasing power of consumers have successfully summarized that positive online reviews indeed significantly impact businesses and improve the standing of their respective brands.



Started by Kate Hudson in 2013, Fabletics is continually evolving as a people-centric brand that offers a platform for users to leave unbiased reviews that in turn help other users to make informed purchase-related decisions. What’s more is that their Lifestyle quiz is based on an innovative concept that allows buyers to get personalized recommendations of products by answering just a few questions about their lifestyle.



For most people, the growing success of Fabletics has come as a surprise mainly because Kate Hudson, the proprietor of this firm had no prior business experience in this sector. Despite her previous experience, many people believe that her approachable nature along with a “can do” attitude coupled with an efficient team, are the main reasons for her company’s success. Also, the simplistic yet efficient business strategy used by Kate Hudson and her team, have led to their business becoming more likely to appear in Google’s Local 3-PAC listing as well as stay in the top list of Google’s organic search results.



Fabletics mainly deals with the sales of merchandise used for activities such as running, jogging, walking, yoga, cycling and many more. This quiz also takes into consideration the place you work out, such as outside, maybe indoors at a yoga studio or a gym to give you personalized recommendations. Your preferred colors, as well as your body type and your size preferences, are all taken into account before a customized offer is provided to you via email.

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