All-Natural Shea Butter is a Brilliant Beauty Find

Shea butter is an all-natural oil derived from the seeds of the African shea tree. At room temperature, it is a cream colored saturated fat with a consistency like smooth butter, and there are a variety of ways it can bolster your health and beauty. A 2010 study, published on, found that its cinnamic acid content gives shea butter anti-inflammatory properties. One particular cinnamate compound was found to reduce skin inflammation and even potentially help avoid skin mutations. This finding could have important applications for people who suffer with acne or who are high risk for developing skin cancer.

In addition to being anti-inflammatory, Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer. Its naturally occurring fatty acids and vitamins aid the skin’s natural collagen production. It also has oleic, stearic, palmitic, and linolenic acids that protect and nourish the skin to prevent drying. Many users of Shea butter report healthier skin with consistent use.

It is gentle enough to be used immediately as a facial moisturizer, and strong enough to tackle cracked, dry skin or psoriasis. EuGenia Shea’s products can also be incorporated into homemade lip balms, lotions and sunscreens.

The company works directly with well over a thousand small farming families throughout Ghana to cultivate high-quality cold-pressed shea oil. They have planted over 250,000 trees and increased farmers’ incomes by a factor of 10. The company has a heavily female work-force, and re-invests in its workers by contributing fifteen percent of its profits to an education fund for their benefit.

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    July 4, 2017

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