Anthony Petrello’s Successful And Inspiring Life

Meeting Anthony Petrello, you would think that he was born rich with all the happiness that the universe can give someone in this life.

He is one of the world’s highest paid individuals, a fact that got many people by surprise including his college roommate. He is a very successful businessman leading one of the world’s best oil and gas drilling company. Above all, Tony is the best father that his daughter could ever have, and a supportive husband to his wife. Even if his daughter was prematurely born, a condition that made her develop cerebral palsy, Anthony and his wife have given the best care that the world provides, and they have made their daughter live and enjoy the joy of childhood just like other kids.

But who is Anthony Petrello outside of family life? Tony is a lawyer and a mathematician who was educated at one of the best colleges and universities in the world; he got his law degree at Yale University. He then practiced law at a firm called Baker & McKenzie law firm in New York, and he was easily made a partner in a short period. He held this position for some time before he resigned to go and work with Nabors Industries Ltd. Here, he worked diligently and gradually climbed his career ladder to the CEO and the Chairman of the board of this most successful contractor company in gas and oil business.

Anthony and his wife have been generous contributors towards research in neurology studies through Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. They turned their daughter’s health complication into a miracle for many children. Anthony’s current company, Nabors Industries Ltd, has also been the biggest contributor to many communities’ development programs by participating in different fundraising like taking part in the cycling fight against multiple sclerosis.

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