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Damac Properties A Luxury Property Developer

Damac Owner is Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani. He runs a real estate firm that has invested significantly in the creation of high-end properties. The company deals with developing residential, commercial and leisure in the Middle East and Dubai. Damac has worked with Tázur Company, Clydesdale Bank apart from working with Trump to open villas abroad. The firm has won construction contracts in constructing Golf Vita residential apartments, The Trump Estates Park Residences, Bait Al Aseel. They have also ventured in locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore guaranteeing collection of popular properties.


Damac Properties was established in 2002 by Sajwani in Dubai, taking the competitive advantage where foreigners were allowed to own property. He then bought pieces of land that he redistributed after constructing various apartments. Since then, he has helped flourish Dubai’s Image such as the launching of Damac Akoya’s development and the Trump Golf Course. Earlier in his career, he worked in the catering industry where he started a food business which runs up to date attracting tourists to its Construction competitor Bechtel.


The Sajwani family has also played a part in the founding of Al Jazeera Service company apart from dealing with the Damac Investments and Holdings. With a net worth of 3.7 billion US Dollars, awarded twice for leading in real estate developments, Sajwani has worked and still works closely with President Trump. Donald Trump is an investor in the real estate industry owning properties from casinos to towers. These two titans in real estate have previously collaborated in creating the 2 billion dollar golf club (Trump International Golf Club).


Hussain Sajwani has told the NBC News channel before that his ties with Trump go beyond his election. This is evident as since their children have grown together. Making its mark on high-end living, Damac properties have been striving to build dream homes and using unique living concepts to serve their customers all over the world. The company owns properties in the United Kingdom, Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon to the UAE. They have been exceptional, and this is why they are the leading property developers in the Middle East.


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Understanding the Undeniable Popularity of Boraie Development in New Jersey

A New Jersey Stage article featured New Brunswick, New Jersey’s Boraie Development and The Provident Bank Foundation as the co-sponsors of the Free Summer Movies Series. The State Theatre announced the return of the movies series that include movies such as Frozen, Despicable Me 2, Babe, Monsters University, and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Aladdin. The theatre offered free showings for all the six movies to the community. The open displays provided the youth an opportunity to enjoy their favorite films with their summer camps, families, and other groups in the opulent atmosphere of the State Theatre. The State Theatre is a historic 1921 film palace that is among New Jersey’s preeminent venues for reality shows.

The Vice President of the Boraie Development, Hiam Omar Boraie, said that the organization was proud to sponsor the Free Summer Movies Series which offered a chance for young people and local families to watch movies for free in the magnificent and renowned venue. John Kurek of the Provident Bank foundation also echoed Boraie’s thrill of offering families and the youth an opportunity to have state of the art experiences free of charge. Moviegoers enjoyed an unparalleled fun thanks to Boraie Development. The theatre has a state-of-the-art high definition digital cinema projection system that includes a digital surround system, a Barco projector and a 46 inches Stewart film screen that gave the customers a great movie experience.

Boraie Development LLC is a company that offers a range of services focused on all areas of the urban real estate market which include sale and marketing, property management, and real estate development. The group’s primary dedication is towards building spectacular properties alongside the provision of unmatched services to their clients. The firm commits vision, their capital, and reliability to every project.

Their 30-year track record in the field of real estate development makes them one of the most sought-after developers in New Jersey. The company maintains their properties with exceptional detail and carry out physical improvements on a continuous basis thus they lead in property management. The company’s local sales team also integrates seamlessly with property development and management to help understand crucial commercial and residential factors for all the expansions. Check out Central New Jersey to know more.

With its new skyline and image, New Brunswick is emerging from its doldrums and becoming the epicenter of New Jersey in a reemerged knowledge-based economy. Current estimates also show that Boraie Development LLC has an annual revenue of $ 9.3 million and employs a staff of more than 35 people. Boraie Development is still growing and will soon take over the real estate industry.

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Sawyer Howitt Offers Great Advice For Millennial Entrepreneurs

Sawyer Howitt is a Millennial and an entrepreneur which makes him ideally situated to comment on ways that younger business owners can be taken seriously by their elders when it comes to startups. It’s easy for older generations to dismiss young people despite the vision and energy they put forth in their pursuits. Howitt has some advice to impart and with Millennials starting businesses in record numbers the time is right.

He urges younger people to actively speak up regarding their skills and abilities. He makes it clear that it’s unwise to wait to be noticed. Go into the game knowing that younger people are often overlooked and you’ll be ready when the time is right to make an impact.

Another important consideration that Howitt stresses, is to do exceptional work and let it speak for itself. This will sit better with older generations who tend to dislike braggadocios types according to Quality work will always be noticed by management and inquiries will be made as to how it was done and by whom.


Admitting one’s weaknesses in areas in which they struggle can be helpful as people can relate to not having it all together. Also, showing a willingness to learn and improve in areas of weakness can go far in developing good relations with older managers.

Sawyer Howitt is a big believer in the fact that persistence pays off and urges young business owners to remember that things rarely go smoothly when initiating a startup.

Youth is a potent force in the world and they display energy, creative thought, and dynamism that is often lacking in those with several decades on the job. Sawyer Howitt hopes that young entrepreneurs will take advantage of these once in a lifetime qualities to advance their projects.

Sawyer Howitt has a significant amount of experience as an entrepreneur despite his young age. He is a project manager with Meriwether Group and is continuously seeking out unique opportunities that will advance his entrepreneurial skills.

Racquetball is another passion of Howitt’s and he’s able to compete at a professional level. He has shown the same dedication to this endeavor as he has in his entrepreneurial career and the results have been equally good.

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Madison Street Capital’s Impressive Path to Top-Notch Reputation

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking company that is committed to excellence and the value of service when it comes to assessment mechanisms. Madison Street Capital has more than three decades of professional experience working towards developing fast income solutions as well as management capabilities.

The company has always upheld their reputation to assume better business in ways that allow them to recapitulate working solutions to those who are always eager to develop their business through their exclusive help.

Madison Street Capital is also considered as a leader in delivering corporate and financial advice solutions to the companies and business seeking their support in the business.

For all the business Madison Street Capital deals in, they have always wanted to deliver the best business solutions in a manner that depicts their sense of time. As the old saying denotes that time is money, Madison Street Capital always values their clients time towards developing the perfect solutions within a short time.

This is because most of their clients approaching them have passed through a wide range of applications that accept better business in a way that is not capacitated in the industry. Every opportunity that comes their way is treated with exclusive provision to help them achieve better business deals in the industry.

Madison Street Capital’s approach to business has always resulted in the creation of corporate financial transactions where all the involved parties from the business to the investors as well as the capitalization sources benefit mutually. Perhaps this is the reason why their business has always boomed in a manner that depicts better business in the industry. Read more: Madison Street Capital | INC and Madison Street Capitals Impressive Path to Top Notch Reputation | GC Report

Madison Street Capital also prides itself with the exclusive knowledge base they have in matching their clients with the most appropriate capitalization structures in the industry. This means that every unique situation presented to Madison Street Capital is handled with the best cocktail solution no other company can handle.

The methodology applied by Madison Street Capital reflects their position as a leader in the provision of various services. Madison Street Capital is an expert in the provision of corporate financial solutions as well as mergers and acquisition.

In the recent past, Madison Street Capital received an award for being the best company for implementing exit strategies. This also means that they are also experts in the development of deal structures and valuation services. For all their years of experience in the industry, Madison Street Capital is considered as the source of market pricing.

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Charles Botchway – Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Mike Baur, a highly focused businessman, and an outgoing entrepreneur. Mike worked at a bank for almost over twenty years. Some of the nicest banks that Mr. Baur worked with are the USB and the Clariden Leu. In his previous job of banking, Mike worked exemplary well to enable him to be considered as a good man in the Banks.


Despite a good job in the banks, Mr. Baur decided to ditch his work in the bank to be involved in the founding of the Swiss Start-Up Factory. In the Swiss Start, Up Factory Mike comes out as the Co-founder of the organization. The organization was all started in the year Two thousand and fourteen. Some of the people Mr. Baur began with the Organization are, Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.


At the University of St. Gallen, Mike got involved in the start Summiteer. In January two thousand and sixteen the organization Swiss Startup partnered with the CTI and in the due process of the partnership, Mike got named as the Deputy Managing Director. Similarly, in the same year, Mike led to the creation and pushing up of the program with the Gold Back Group. In two thousand and sixteen, Mr. Baur’s organization made a fruitful partnership with the Fintech Fusion in February of the year.


Mike is a well-sophisticated fellow as he holds a Masters in Bachelors of Arts from the University Of Rochester New York. Not only in the former School, but Baur also studied Executive Master In Bachelors of Arts all from the University of Berne. In some of the recap of previous interviews of Mike Baur, some of the primary intentions for Mr. Baur leaving his job at the banks and beginning the Organization and the factory; Swiss Startup Company was to influence the people of Switzerland to be able to have the opportunity to startup various businesses. He is highly involved in the startup activities. Being involved in the creating a joint and a bridge between the previous economy and the most recent economy, hence impacting change in several companies in Swiss.


As far as being involved as a Mentor in most of the universities is concern, Mike is also involved in giving the speech to most of the Campuses in Swiss. According to giving out advice to the varsities, he highly drove the idea of the Swiss republic involving in developing most original and digital companies.Mike Baur is highly involved in the financial supports and overall fundraising in the Swiss Startup Factory. Due to hid enormous support not only in the field of being the one and the principal co-founder of the factory, but Mike also helps in improving the financial condition of the organization in general.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Success in Fabletics

Don Ressler and Andrew Goldenberg are the co-founders of Fabletics. Fabletics was founded as a response to cater for the demanding human concerns and needs regarding active wear. Being unique, Fabletics brings out revolutionized active wear products. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg collaborated with high-end client personalities like actresses, artists, and other celebrities to innovate their active wear products.

Goldenberg and Ressler approached the friendly and super active actress Kate Hudson who understood the women psychology more than them when it came to selecting athletic wear. They collaborated with Kate Hudson who was so enthusiastic about producing athletic wear for women to help them stay fit, healthy and physically active and for the first time, the industry started focusing on contemporary concerns that women experience when they shop for active wear.

This is because, in all the other consumer groups, women are the most affected when it came to getting high-quality active wear products that will suit their needs. The costs for attractive, active wear products were high, and still, it was hard to get well fitting and attractive products.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg witnessed that the market needed an intervention and rose to the new challenge and started catering to the needs of the women in the US. During that period when they decide to produce women active wear products, Adam Goldenberg and don Ressler owned TechStyle Fashion Group.

The challenge they faced when they wanted to start Fabletics was coming up with the huge capital base needed initiate the firm. Even though they were running a highly profitable online business, the capital for starting Fabletics was still enormous. Shifting to a significant active wear industry needed branding which seemed impossible at the time because Fabletics was a minor brand.

This was when they decided to approach Kate Hudson, and to their dismay, she was so enthusiastic about fashionable active wear for women. Learn more about Adam Goldenberg:

Fabletics was soon launched with the help of a brand identity, active social media presence, and client focus central to TechStyle. Since TechStyle was already a successful business, Fabletics was based on its success.

Fabletics has currently expanded their brand to include plus size active wear products. This shows that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg believe women should keep fit, physically active and stay healthy irrespective of their size, color or shape preference. They still hold on to Kate Hudson’s idea of the modern woman, stressing that women should look even when working out.

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Rodrigo Terpins’ Race to the Top of the Leader Board in Motorsports

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver and businessman. He recently finished in the eighth overall position in the 22nd Sertões Rally. He emerged third in the T1 Prototype group. The event is one of Brazil’s largest off-road races. The 22nd edition attracted thirty-eight participants. The rally covered over 1600 miles in two states. The event is one of the most challenging in the Brazilian series.

The 22nd edition was reported to be shorter than previous versions. His co-driver Fabricio Bianchini in car #326 navigated Rodrigo Terpins. Speaking after the event, he described the rally as pleasant and thanked his support team for an exemplary job. The torturous terrain had a lot of mud, and he was proud that his car was up to the challenge.

He adopted a cautious strategy to familiarize himself with the car and its capabilities. He advises drivers to make sure their vehicles are properly serviced before the start of any race. Rodrigo Terpins comes from a family of rally enthusiasts. His brother Michael Terpins is also a renowned rally driver. The two brothers are part of the Bull Sertoes Rally team.

According to, Michael Terpins also took part in the 22nd Bull Sertoes Rally but bowed out after his car overturned. The two have participated in more than five Sertoes rallies. Rodrigo Terpins’ father is an engineer and former sports leader and basketball player. Rodrigo Terpins is said to have inherited his father’s passion for sports, competitiveness and ingenious leadership. He drives a T-Rex, a product of MEM Motorsports.

He has participated in other rally championships in the country such as the Mitsubishi Cup Championship in 2011. Rodrigo Terpins previously worked as the Director of Operations of Marisa SA, a Brazilian fashion chain store with a focus on women’s clothing. He was in-charge of strategic planning and e-commerce. The company operates from Sao Paulo.

Rodrigo Terpins has achieved phenomenal success with proven results on the rallying scene. In a report by Economia, he is expected to perform even better in this year’s series. The race will be held in the mid-west state of Mato Grosso. It is poised to attract close to three hundred participants and cover over two thousand miles.

Roberto Santiago and the Saga of the Largest Shopping Mall In Joao Pessoa

Robert Santiago is one of the most well -known entrepreneurs of Brazil. An alumnus of Pio-X Marist College and the University Center of Joao Pessoa, he is best known as the owner of the iconic shopping mall Manaria.


He purchased the land on which the mall stands in Joao Pessoa in 1987. He developed the land for two years, and in 1989 the Manaria Shopping Mall threw open its doors to the public. It became a gigantic success as the people had never before been exposed to anything quite like it. The mall came with a theater, a gaming area, food court, several shopping stores, a college, financial institutions and a gym.


The Domus Hall located on the mall’s rooftop was opened in 2009 and was another spectacular feather in its cap. This is an extremely large space and is ideal for hosting musical concerts, conferences, weddings, graduation ceremonies and other public events. All of this is possible on account of its enormous capacity- it can fit in 10000 standing individuals and 4000 seated ones. Add to that perfect acoustics, sound proofing, and air conditioning and you have an incredible venue at your disposal.


What is remarkable about the hall is that it comprises of two floors, with the upper one comprising of cabins to provide privacy to those who seek it and the lower floor being exclusively used for bigger public events. It is not surprising therefore to discover that the Domus Hall has seen performances by some of the top performers of the world. In fact, many of them visited Brazil only to perform at Domus Hall.

More than anything else Manaria Shopping Mall is an entertainment zone nonpareil. A particular favorite is the movie theater that shows the latest offerings. Then the eating options are something else altogether. From fast food to high-end cuisine everything is available in the eateries and restaurants there. Espaco Gourmet, Capital Steak House, and Waynes, in particular, are good examples of this.


The shopping experience is mind blowing as well. The sheer range and variety of merchandise available is phenomenal. There are book stores, sports gear stores, furniture stores, jewelry stores, cosmetics outlets and what have you. The piece de resistance is probably the college Higher Education of Pariba, which is responsible for students and faculty members thronging the place and adding to the atmosphere of the mall.

When Santiago serendipitously bought that piece of land in Joao Pessoa, he set in motion a whole lifestyle revolution in the town and indeed in the nation. This is usually how iconic cultural landmarks have come up down the ages. The Manaria Shopping Mall certainly contributes to the making of contemporary Brazilian culture in more ways than one. Of course, the credit for this has to go to the man who envisaged this kind of a concept in the first place.


If Roberto Santiago is a much-revered figure in Brazil, it is to a great extent on account of his creating this masterpiece of a shopping mall, the Manria Shopping Mall.

The Brown Agency:

Brown Agency: Modeling & Theatrical placement:

The Brown Agency is a well-known modeling agency located on Congress Avenue within the downtown area of Austin Texas. The Brown Agency is an established modeling agency that has successfully placed models and actors in various areas of modeling as well as jobs within the entertainment industry.

The agency has successfully secured work for men, women and children in various areas including modeling, fashion, commercial and theatrical. A simple modeling call can ultimately lead to regular and steady work within the industry. The Brown Agency is always looking for new and fresh faces to fill modeling calls.

The agency has helped launch modeling careers for models such as Carter Wray, Erik Fellows, David Bates and many more. Male and female fashion models are always needed to model sportswear as well as the latest summer and fall fashion trends.

Audrey English is a recognized and established female model who has become increasingly popular due to the efforts of the Brown Agency. In addition, other well-known models include Amanda wells and Enjoli. The Brown Agency was also responsible for helping these women earn a name for them within the world of fashion modeling.

The Brown Agency also enjoys working with young children. Most children and impressionable and fairly easy to work with. Some up and coming child models include Allison Siebel, Ace Hart, Barton Tantum, Courtney Church and many more.

Adam Duncan signed on with the agency as a male model. However, it was soon discovered that Duncan had theatrical talent. Therefore, Adam Duncan has begun to establish himself as an theater actor who does some commercial work also. You never know what can happen if you have the drive and ability to succeed. The Brown Agency can certainly help someone get their foot in the door and meet the right people.

The agency requires current a head-shot and a resume of any previous modeling and or acting experience the model or actor may have. Therefore, the first step is to present a portfolio to the agency which should include current photos.

If a representative at the Brown Agency is interested in speaking with a potential model or actor you will receive a call from a representative within about a month. You can also check out the company web site for additional information. Please see It is best not to telephone the agency. If the agency is interested they will certainly contact you.

It is best to take advantage of every possible modeling opportunity especially if you are new within the business. Success in modeling and acting many times depends on luck. Therefore, keep trying, never giving up and you may be surprised at what you may achieve.


Human Rights Advocacy Groups Expresses their Discontentment to the New Anti-immigration Bills

Human rights advocacy groups helps to preserve the civil, human and immigrants’ rights across the Nation. These groups stand up against the opposition to ensure they defend the rights of the helpless in the society.

They are thus the voice of the voiceless. Every human being, regardless of their origin, gender or status, deserves to be treated fairly and in humane manner. It is in light with this that civil rights groups in U.S. have stood up to air their discontentment with the new house immigration actions that infringes on civil, human and immigrant rights.

Recently, the U.S. Representative Bob Goodlatte introduced a number of anti-immigrant bills for voting. The set of bills introduced by Bob are the latest in a series of bills that portray a clear anti-immigrant strategy by the country’s administration.

H.R 3003 authorizes the Federal Government to withhold millions of dollars that are advanced to localities with inadequate detainer policies, reserve city policies, and community trust policies that are aimed at complying with the country’s constitution and keeping our communities safer.

The second bill H.R. 3004 seeks to expand that ability of the Federal Government to prosecute individuals who enter into the U.S. illegally, excluding humanitarian exemptions for individuals fleeing violence.

These bills are infringing on the civil, human and immigrant rights in various ways. Firstly, the Federal government will slash funding for Legal Service Corporation (LSC). LSC is a nationwide network of lawyers who provide critical legal assistance to the underprivileged individuals.

It is clear that more than two thirds of those who require legal assistance in U.S. are women, many of who are victims of domestic violence. Therefore, by curtailing their access to justice will expose the domestic violence victims to intense mental suffering, physical trauma and the general impoverishment that results when they lack financial support to break ties with their abusers and find means to stand on their feet. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

According to report by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, bulk of the legal-service cases handled in the country are from the family court. The report also indicates that a huge number of the cases supported by LSC Lawyers are related to domestic, child custody and divorce issues.

The passage of the two anti-immigration bills would increase indiscriminate enforcement and further criminalization of the immigrants and instill more fear to the already fear-stricken communities. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Michael Larcey | Twitter

It is estimated that at least 40% of all immigrants coming to U.S. originate from Asia and close to two million of those immigrants are undocumented. Anti-immigrant policies cause unprecedented fear and create a hostile environment for immigrants to live in.

There is absolute evidence that community trust and sanctuary policies helps to make our communities better. As it is likely to be witnessed, enforcing immigrant laws escalates racial profiling and lack of trust of law execution by communities of color.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

Larkin and Lacey are two media personalities who have been on the forefront to advocate for civil, human and immigrant rights. The co-founders of Phoenix New Times & Village Voice Media have directed the settlement money received from a court battle in which they were taken from their homes in the middle of the night by Sherrif Joe Arpaio.

The two were arrested regarding the material they had about proceedings from a grand jury that was hearing a case against the Sheriff. Larkin and Lacey sued the county and they were awarded $3.75 million settlement which they are now using to fund groups that advocate for human, civil and immigrant rights in Arizona and beyond.