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Popular Lip Balm Brands

There are many lip balm products on the market. Sometimes it’s hard to choose the right lip balm. The variety of lip balm can be very overwhelming especially when there are some amazing brands out there that contain some great ingredients. There are some luxurious high quality lip balms out there. Lip Balm serve as a purpose to keep your lips hydrated and moisturized.
Before going over some very popular brands, I will discuss on how to use the right lip balm. The packaging makes a different when it comes to choosing the right one because you have to consider how you would want to put the lip balm on. There are some lip balms that only require you to just roll it across your lips and there are some that you can simply take your finger and put in on your lips.

The smell and flavor may be important to some. A lot of people love the different fruity smells while others don’t. You may want to also take price into consideration.

Also consider choosing a lip balm with benefits, meaning choose a lip balm that contains almond oil, tea tree oil, sage oil and vitamin which all will help to hydrate and moisturize your lips.

The Top Lip Balm Products

1. Vaseline Lip Therapy- this lip balm is pretty basic but it contains shea butter, petroleum and Vitamin E. This is great for chapped lips and it’s affordable. This will possibly cost around $3 or $4.

2. Burt’s Bees Hydrating Lip Balm Coconut & Pear- This one is a shine free hydrating formula with flavor for your lips, which is coconut and pear. The cost is a little over $3

3. Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm- This particular tinted lip balm will moisturize your lips and add a little color. If you are a beauty lover,then you will love this one. It’s a little on the expensive side, coming in at almost $10 but it’s a great choice for the ones who do not prefer lipstick.

Lastly, another great brand of lip balm is Evolution of Smooth known as EOS. It is very high in antioxidants like Vitamin E, vitamin E, soothing shea butter, and jojoba oil. These are all natural ingredients and paraben plus petrolatum free. You can expect for your lips to be very hydrated.

EOS lip balm is housed in a little sphere containers which is very unique and unlike anything else on the market. There are many different flavors and EOS also includes an organic line. Other popular lines on are the visibly soft smooth spheres, shimmer smooth spheres, active protection smooth spheres, and even offered are the multi packs. There’s something for everyone. EOS has become very popular and has created a buzz. Visit their Linked In page for more info.

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Your Business Has an Online Reputation, Whether You Know or Not

In the modern world, everything has an online presence. Whether it’s a person, a place, or a national landmark, someone has written about it, someone has made a page for it, it’s been mentioned in a tweet or a blog post, something. Chances are your small business has a presence somewhere, even if you aren’t aware of it, and this presence has an effect on your business. Online reputation management (ORM) is a necessity in the modern world, especially with sites like Yelp and Angie’s List where users create the pages and the content being the go-to places to research a business.
According to this article on Supermarket News, citing a Harvard Business study,a one star difference in your average Yelp rating represents a five to nine percent difference in your business’ overall revenue. While it may seem that once they are written, there is no way to change someone’s review or affect their opinion, this is absolutely not the case. Sites like Yelp allow users to edit and change their reviews, which means that until your business has closed its doors, it is never too late to try to engage with your customers and enhance their experience.

The number one thing to keep in mind when you’re engaging with online reviews is to always be positive. Unlike in math, negativity on top of negativity will never lead to positivism. While “the customer is always right” is a cliché with a ton of holes, it is something to keep in mind when responding to reviews online. A customer’s experience and opinions are theirs, and they are correct for them, so you need to make sure to not be defensive or contradict either of these things.

If you want to satisfy a dissatisfied customer, you need to acknowledge the source of their dissatisfaction, apologize, and offer them an explanation for why it won’t happen again, maybe even offer them something to make up for their negative experience. It is the same sort of thing that you would do in purpose to please a disgruntled customer, but for some reason many business-owners don’t realize that offline techniques can still work in the digital world.


The Interests and Accomplishments of Avi Weisfogel

For nearly 20 years, Avi Weisfogel has served the dental needs to the people of East Brunswick, NJ. Avi is dedicated to educating the public not only about dental health, but easing the fears of “dentaphobes” and working to create beautiful healthy smiles with cosmetic dentistry. However, he is not merely a man in a white doctor’s coat; outside of work, he has many interests, passions and achievements that set him apart from the rest.

Realizing that millions of people around the world do not have access to regular dental care, Weisfogel is an avid supporter of Operation Smile, a charity started by Dr. William Magee and his wife in 1982. To date the nonprofit has provided over a quarter of a million free dental procedures to people in 60 countries, with thousands of dentists and dental technicians donating their time and skills. Dr. Weisfogel has created a GoFundMe page to help the nonprofit raise even more funds to continue their efforts around the world.

Did you know that sleep disturbed breathing can not only lead to restless nights, but also stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular issues? Dr. Avi Weisfogel realizes the myriad dangers associated with sleep disturbed breathing and is working hard to combat them by working with Dental Sleep Masters. This program takes the medical knowledge of dentists around the country to provide better technology to combat the dangers of sleep disturbed breathing. The technologies of Dental Sleep Masters can be discussed with Dr. Weisfogel at his office in East Brunswick, NJ.

All work and no play makes for a dull man, which is why Dr. Weisfogel relaxes from his busy dental practice to create hip-hop music. He isn’t your average dentist, now is he? You can find his dope beats on SoundCloud and Vimeo; don’t be surprised if you find him discussing new song ideas with you at your next appointment. He finds inspiration from the world around him to create uniquely talented hip hop music that inspires.

Brian Torchin Helps Medical Interviewees Make A Good Impression

Medical interviewees are often in need of aid making a good first impression when they meet a hiring manager. Hiring mangers are expecting the very best of everyone taking an interview with their company, but a manager will not see someone’s best without aid of Brian Torchin and HCRC. Brian is a principal at HCRC where he manages a blog full of hiring information, and this article explains how Brian offers assistance to everyone taking their next interview.

#1: How Do Medical Interviews Work?

Interviews in the medical field are no different from interviews in any other field, but medical candidates must understand the unique questions they may ask during an interview. An interview may hinge on a single question asked by the candidate, and candidates who are diligent in their questioning will learn quite a lot before the interview is over.

#2: How May Interviewees Ask Questions Of Brian

Brian has a personal blog run through his business where he takes questions every day. He will train his readers on special questions they must ask before taking an interview, and he answers questions with the most current information on the subject. He is a man focused on the facts, and his facts help candidates find jobs that are best-suited to their needs and passions.

#3: Placement For Interviews

Brian has influence in the industry that may be used to help with placement at interviews. He knows people who may be hiring for a new position, and he will send the most-worthy candidates to interviews with his contacts. The contact will interview the candidate on Brian’s recommendation, and Brian will offer insight into giving the best performance for the contact.

Brian Torchin’s career has been dedicated to helping medical job seekers find their best job. He offers advice in all areas, and his expertise in interviews has helped several people obtain their dream jobs.

The Dangers Of Using Airbnb Compared To Richard Blair And Wealth Solutions

In the modern world most people are looking for ways to make extra income. With the rise of Airbnb many people saw a way they could turn space in their homes into quick and easy cash. However, many people do not realize that there are many potential pitfalls involved with renting out your home to strangers. They simply see the opportunity to make some money and willingly allow strangers to stay in their homes for a few nights. Had they taken the time to get financial advice from the professionals at Wealth Solutions they would be aware of the risks involved with Airbnb and learn about safer money making options.

The Risks

There are a number of risks associated with renting your home through Airbnb. The short term renter could damage your property and your homeowners insurance may refuse to cover it because it was the result of a commercial transaction. This leaves the homeowner on the hook for the cost of making the necessary repairs. The renter could also engage in illegal activities, annoy or do damage to the home of your neighbor. This could leave the temporary landlord facing legal and financial issues that far outweigh the little money they made.

Things To Consider

If someone is injured in your home while you’re not there you could be held liable. If your tenant steals something from you or your neighbors, uses your home to commit a crime, or does anything that results in a lawsuit, you can potentially be in hot water legally. Your insurance company could decide the destructive actions taken by your tenant isn’t covered in your homeowner’s policy. While Airbnb offers some coverage for damage caused by tenants they send you, their coverage doesn’t kick in until all your resources have be exhausted.

Other Wealth Generating Options

Once you realize you have lots to lose and very little to gain with Airbnb, it would be wise to contact Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions. For almost 25 years Blair has been a successful wealth and investment manager that has been able to match people with investment opportunities that are ideally suited for their needs and goals. He has vast experience with integrated financial planning, asset protection, investment advice, insurance, securities and more. Blair has assets in excess of $50 million under management and can show you more viable moneymaking options than renting your home through Airbnb.

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The Genius of Operations Management

Ken Goodgame is the former Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at True Value Co. ever since he left the University of Tennessee where he studied marketing; he has put his knowledge to good use making companies of all sizes more profitable. He is undoubtedly a leader and an innovator in the field of operations management.

Goodgame has a very extensive resume which is impressive, to say the least. He started at Home Depot in Atlanta in 1994 and rose from Product Merchant to Director of proprietary brands to Senior Global Product Merchant. During his time at Home Depot, Ken initiated and executed many successful programs and deals. He made a deal with John Deere, which was the first one of its kind in the entire country. Those eight years at Home Depot were very productive and educational for Ken Goodgame.

In 2002, he left to go work for Newell Rubbermaid in Huntersville, North Carolina. His time there was very successful from the first day he arrived. He turned around the failing Rubbermaid cleaning business in his first year landing a major deal within four months of his arrival. He served in high executive positions before moving on to Techtronic Industries after five years. For two years at Techtronic Industries, he served as the President of Baja Motorsports and Direct Tools Factory Outlets, a retail division he launched himself.

Ken then went on to become General Merchandising Manager at Ace Hardware Corporation in Oak Brook, Illinois where he grew the hand tool business from 9M to 180M dollars in sales during his three-year tenure. In 2013, he took his talents to True Value Hardware Corporation in Chicago where served as Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer for two years. He continued pulling successful turnarounds and creating innovative programs.

Ken Goodgame’s ability to spur growth in an organization, especially an ailing one is just short of miraculous. He uses his leadership and creativity to come up with ways to turn things around. With over 20 years’ experience, he has a keen eye to spot opportunities in markets and acts swiftly to take advantage of them.

Bob Reina’s Innovative Skills Transforming Businesses

Communication, charity activities and acquiring more customers in markets has been attained thanks to the use of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a platform that was founded by Bob Reina to assist people in sending videos using emails. It is a faster way and more attractive way to communicate given information to people who need some services.

Talk Fusion offers various products that are beneficial to the entire scene of marketing. All marketers and other social organizations will find the applications to be of great use in their day to day communication. Video Emails, Video Chats, Live Meetings, Video Newsletters and Sign Up Forms are available at Talk Fusion. It has all that is required for businesses to acquire the target market that is needed. Bob Reina, the CEO has offered a free Trial for 30 days for prospective customers in 10 languages.

Innovative products like Talk Fusion can improve the performance of the business in many ways. For example, when offering some products in the market using a video email will give you the personal feeling that is required by the customer on the other hand. The customer will find all information in the video, and any other questions will be answered through Video chats. When a charity organization or an organization needs to have a meeting, it is vital to use Live Meetings. Such an experience indicates how influential Talk Fusion is improving direct selling and also promoting faster communication in the business arena.

Talk Fusion was founded by CEO Bob Reina to offer marketing a new face. He was inspired by the easiness through which businesses may grow, and he is still improving the platform day in day out. Bob Reina is best known for his idealist nature of ensuring that both his associates and customers are satisfied. His leadership skills are best fit to handle his customers. Apart from business ideas he also loves nature. He is a generous individual, and he has always been involved in funding animals that are homeless. Through Talk Fusion, he has uploaded videos that are spreading the urgency needs of improving how animals should be treated.

Avi Weisfogel & His Overall Thirst for Different Flavors in Life

Avi Weisfogel is definitely a jack-of-all-trades as some might say; he is interested in many endeavors, not to mention that he is talented in each of them. From a young age Avi Weisfogel was interested in many things, but he started of by pursuing a career in dentistry.

You can see his love for music with his ever-increasing Soundcloud account that is filled with impressive hip hop music. Avi started the account to fulfill his love for hip hop, but in no time at all he began to build a following. When listening to his rhymes, flow, and lyrics, one can see why so many people are interested in him. He talks about his day-to-day thoughts and about growing up in New Jersey, where he first established himself as a dentist, though he does not mention that part too much or his charity work.

This may change since charity is a big part of Avi’s life. He is adamant about making sure that he contributes to several causes like Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a charity group that travels around the world providing emergency dental work to children who truly need it, and it is done for free. This was something that the young rapper/dentist was extremely moved by and what prompted him to start a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the charity group. This was a successful endeavor and only one of many others.

Some might imagine that Avi is the kind of man who might boast about his many talents, actions, and accomplishments, but he rarely does. He is a very talented person with a huge but modest heart, which is what really makes him shine. It may be surprising to see Weisfogel using social media to talk about normal things like his love for photography or his interest in sports. Or you might catch him talking about some random thought. In short, Avi is just a regular guy who just happens to have a huge appetite for life and several different talents. There is no doubt that this is the kind of person to look up to, even if he does not think so himself.

Eric Pulier: Providing Contributions For People

Eric Pulier is someone who has made quite a successful career. He is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He has made a lot of contributions to the lives of others so that they can connect better. He has also received a lot o education which has helped him in his entrepreneurial pursuits. While getting his education at Harvard and MIT, he has served as an editor for The Harvard Crimson. He has also written a column for the publication. In 1988, he has graduated magna cum laude. Afterwards, he has started his career as an entrepreneur who has started plenty of businesses.

In 1991, he has started a company called People Doing Things. This company dealt with technology and health care as well as education. He has helped to figure out how technology can help with all of these concepts. Three years later he has started up a company called Digital Evolution. In 1998, the company merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. Afterwards, Eric Pulier has started to put together Starbright World which is a network that chronically ill children can use in order to connect with each other and encourage each other.

Pulier has also done some work for the government when he was selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee in order to carryout the creation and execution of the Presidential Technology Exhibition which was held in Washington D.C. The title of the exhibition was The Bridge to the 21st Century. He has also worked with Al Gore’s forum for health and technology as well as providing insights on technology and health care.

To go along with his career, he is also involved with philanthropic pursuits. He gives to organizations that solve issues such as The Painted Turtle for chronically ill children. There is also the X-Prize Foundation which is a competition for the greatest challenges.

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John Goullet: A Resume That Impresses

While a resume might only be a piece of paper, it is much more than that if you really think about it. It is your life’s work and it shows all that you have accomplished and all that you have achieved. It says quite a bit, if you really read it. It shows what you have done, where you came from, what your ideals are, and what you care about in your day-to-day life. When looking at John Goullet’s resume from Diversant, it is hard not to be blown away by his accomplishments. First, let’s talk about the fact that he is an entrepreneur.

Now, a lot of people like to claim to be entrepreneurs, but not many actually go out and do it. They don’t pursue it. John has done it and lived to tell about it. He has had big dreams and he has made them all a reality. He likes to see something start off as simply an idea and then it blows up into something even bigger. That is what excites him and gets him ready for whatever is around the corner. John is always on the lookout for a great idea or a way to improve upon a great idea.

When you look at his time in the IT world, he has led many successful ventures in the IT sector. The fact he was the person leading them speaks volumes to his leadership qualities and what he can do. Not just anyone can lead the way that John does and do the type of things that John does. It takes a special kind of person with special kind of qualities to do that. John is a special person. That is why Diversant truly values his daily contributions to the company. He is the type of person that when he works for the company, they become better just by his presence.

John Goullet has that kind of staying power and that kind of impact. In addition that, he once ran his own company where he found solutions for Fortune 500 companies. He is a man with a resume that makes people stand up and take notice.