Award-Winning Executive Brian Bonar: 50 Years Of Business Success

Dr. Brian Bonar is an internationally-known, award-winning businessman and investor. A native of the United Kingdom, he attended the University of Strathclyde and earned an undergraduate degree. He also has an MBA and a PhD from Staffordshire University in engineering.

Bonar started his career at IBM in Europe where he spent 16 years as a procurement manager. He then moved to the United States where he has held leadership positions in a wide range of companies and founded several of his own. Bonar recently got into the restaurant business in San Diego, California and opened two excellent locations.

The companies with which Brian Bonar worked are an impressive list. They include Trucept, Inc., Dalrada Financial Corporation, Smart-tek Automated Services, AMS Outsourcing, itec imaging technologies, The Amanda Company and Allegiant Professional Business Services.

He has also held a wide range of positions including vice president of sales and marketing, sales manager, director of engineering, treasurer, secretary, president, chairman and CEO. He has also founded several companies and has invested in many others.

According to Crunchbase, in his almost 50 years in business Brian Bonar has developed a wide array of skills.

They include turn around management, sourcing, financing, recruiting private equity, mergers & acquisitions, marketing strategy, process improvement, sales, start-ups, new business development, restructuring, venture capital, lead generation, employee relations and more.

Bonar also worked in many different industries. They include outsourcing, temporary staffing, insurance, financial services, business services, printing, engineering, software and hardware development, imaging technology, sales and marketing.

Brian Bonar recently became involved in the restaurant industry. First he took over Bellamy’s and used his skills as an entrepreneur and financier to bring in the right people manage it. The restaurant has improved and guests continue to pour in and become fans and regulars.

He is now in the process of building a quality restaurant with great cuisine and a five-star event space on an 144 acre lot. The new place is called The Ranch at Brandy Canyon.

Part of the reason for Bonar’s years of success in a wide range of industries is his ability to innovate and focus his resources while building up people and using vision and creativity to create growth and lucrative opportunities.

He’s an excellent strategist with superior sales and marketing skills that he has used to develope many businesses. Bonar is a gifted man with the uncanny ability to analyze issues and problems and come up with innovative solutions.

He’s bright, articulate and trustworthy and possesses the ability to make great things happen.

Brian Bonar’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2016 Cambridge Who’s Who gave him their prestigious ‘Executive of the Year award. The award is based on his educational and business achievements and leadership ability.