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Bob Reina and his notice of video marketing’s trending identity


Bob Reina is an innovator of the twenty-first century. He took notice of and recognized the efficiency of viewing videos in today’s society for countless purposes. People watch videos for entertainment, to catch up on the latest news, to communicate with friends, to keep up with family members across the globe. People in today’s society watch videos constantly through numerous services and companies. Reina became aware of this reality and analyzed the trend, ultimately realizing the opportunity to change the world’s marketing strategies for the better.

Reina developed and refined the idea of his now famous company Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion thrives on the tendency of people to watch a short video rather than reading lengthy, convoluted review submissions and the nature of people to gravitate toward a faster, much less laborious method to achieve a set outcome. People want to “get a feel” for a company, business, or service/goods provider before committing to a business engagement with them. Bob Reina combined the ease of video viewing with marketing, professional introduction and advertising/exclusive offers to create his company Talk Fusion, changing marketing forever.

Bob Reina opens the video with an employee of his company Talk Fusion and “jumps right into the action”, so to speak, without much content in terms of padding and “time-wasting”. This immediately establishes Reina as a confident, honest professional.

Throughout the video, Reina can be seen on “live” video at the bottom-center of the screen. He presents his company and their purpose through the use of tailored, modern graphic designs and animated short clips that qualify the video as immensely professional.

The video covers the information of who Talk Fusion is marketed toward: all businesses of absolutely any size or industry; why his service is a must-have asset to any business; what his service does for a business specifically; and what trusted companies are already users of his company.

The likes of Applebee’s, Remax, and Toyota have already taken to using Talk Fusion to create personalized business pages that are comparable to social media profile pages in design, creating a familiar experience for consumers and business’s alike. These pages allow businesses to introduce themselves to their potential and repeat consumers on a new level that brings the two parties closer than ever. The pages can be used for text descriptions, video presentations and/or ads, and even offering exclusive consumer discounts and deals.

Talk Fusion is the future of video marketing for all businesses. It is setting the new standard for business-to-consumer relations and communication.

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