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Kate Hudson Knows How to Play with the Big Boys

A few giants control the world of business. These giants do not want to let competition in and will often ruthlessly attack any who threaten them. Indeed, this is true for Amazon. There is one woman however who does not fear the internet juggernaut and that woman is Kate Hudson.


Hudson launched her company Fabletics three years ago. Through a series of excellent decisions and well-timed promotions, Fabletics grew to have an estimated value of over $230 million. Hudson would then leverage this wealth against Amazon, who has a 20% control of the fashion e-commerce industry. Many business insiders said that she would fail by spearheading her business into Amazon’s territory. They were all wrong.


While Amazon does control a large part of fashion e-commerce, the truth is their products leave much to be desired. Fabletics products, on the other hand, inspire you to be a better you and push you to achieve your lifelong dreams. This focus on quality has allowed Fabletics to take back some of the market share in the fashion world.


Another way Fabletics was able to take on Amazon was through the technique of reverse showrooming. For those who may not be familiar with the term, showrooming is when a customer comes into a physical retail store and browses products they are interested in buying. The problem is they will not buy at that store. If they like the product, they will go online and find it for a lower price. Kate Hudson used her creativity to deal with this problem.


To create a culture of reverse showrooming, Fabletics wanted to get people to be their customers already before they walked into one of their 16 store locations. They did this by running events and activities sponsored by Fabletics in the store’s local areas. This focus on local areas resulted in around 30-50% of walk-ins already being customers.


Kate Hudson has been very public about her business. She has told several magazines that she never saw herself as an entrepreneur. However, she believed so much in this product that she had to take it all the way.


If you are interested in seeing what Fabletics has to offer, I encourage you to take their quick and easy lifestyle quiz. It is only six questions long, but those questions will zero in on what Fabletics clothes are right for you during your typical day.

Fabletics Plans To Eat Into Amazon’s Share In The Competitive Fashion Industry

Succeeding in the competitive online fashion retail industry is not easy. Large corporations such as Amazon dominate the industry. According to recent data, Amazon controls over 20 percent of the online fashion business. However, these statistics did not deter Kate Hudson from venturing in the trade through her company, Fabletics. In the past three years, Kate Hudson has seen the company grow from a small agency to a large corporation valued at over $250 million. Despite such achievements, Fabletics is not yet satisfied. The online fashion subscription retailer is now planning to take Amazon head one and eat into its market share. The company’s objective may seem far-fetched. However, the leadership of Fabletics has much belief in their business strategies.

Historically, the prices and quality of a company’s products and services has determined the strength of a brand. However, the focus of modern markets goes beyond the products offered by a company. For instance, last mile services, brand recognition, gamification, exclusive design, and customer experience have become a crucial part of any business. Over the years, Fabletics has focused on providing its clients with exceptional shopping experience. The corporation believes that by satisfying its clients’ utility, through unmatched customer experience, they will be able to attract and retain more customers. The company’s products are also exclusively designed and affordable. This information was originally published on Forbes.

Like other leading online retailers, Fabletics is also opening physical stores. Just like Apple and Warby Parker, Fabletics conducts extensive research before deciding where to locate its stores. Strategic location and positioning of a business aids in boosting the image of a given brand besides attracting more clients. The company has over 16 physical stores. They are located in Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, and California.

Fabletics is also relying on proven strategies such as fashion membership. This approach has resulted in the success of JustFab, Fabletics’ sister company. As per the strategy, clients subscribe for monthly delivery of handpicked ‘activerwear’ attires. The clothes are selected based on clients’ fashion preferences.

Although the process is tedious, Fabletics works round the clock to offer clients with items that are tailored to their specific fashion needs. The company knows about the tastes of their clients through their Lifestyle Quiz. When answering these questions, clients are encouraged to provide honest responses. Clients are free to answer the questions at any time to reflect their true preferences. The company has an option that allows consumers to change the items selected for them before they can be shipped.

About Fabletics

Fabletics is a women’s sportswear and accessories company. The online fashion retailer sells its products to clients through a membership program that allows clients to receive handpicked products based on their preferences. In addition, the company brings its products to the customers through its 18 brick-and-mortar stores.

Many non-sponsored reviews such as A Foodie Stays Fit have praised the company’s services, especially its use of Lifestyle Quiz to determine its customers’ preferences. A Foodie Stays Fit posits that clients of Fabletics get value for money courtesy of the company’s innovative services and products. The company offers its clients great customer service, hugely discounted products and quality products designed using non-see-through materials. Moreover, Fabletic’s flexible system allows for easy interaction between the company and clients. This information was originally reported on A Foodie Stays Fit.

Lime Crime Debuts New Products

Lime Crime, the cosmetic company founded by Doe Deere, is known for its bright colors of eye shadows, nail polishes and lip glosses. PopSugar recently announced that Lime Crime will release three new colors to their Diamond Crushers lip gloss collection. The three new hues are: Cleopatra, shade of rose gold; Acid Fairy, a holographic hue; and Black Unicorn, which shimmers and has an oil-slick look to it.


Unlike conventional iip gloss, the Diamond Crusher’s products is a top coat for lips and is water-based. Diamond Crushers can be worn alone or over lipstick and last long without drying the lips or smudging.


Diamond Crushes costs around $19 each and will also be available in the Black Unicorn bundle, which is $40 and features all three new shades. A release date for the lip products has not been confirmed yet, but the Lime Crime website will feature the date soon.


Lime Crime is also set to release Unicorn Hair Dye. The dyes will come in 11 colors. There isn’t an official launch date, but customers who love bright strand shades will definitely jump at the chance to try Unicorn Hair Dye. The Lime Crime website states that all the hair dyes are vegan and cruelty-free, just like all over Lime Crime products. The dyes are also free of bleach, ammonia and peroxide.


These new product introductions are further proof that Lime Crime is not for the woman who is looking for conventional beauty. The items are fun, colorful and outgoing, and these are traits that Doe Deere encourages in Lime Crime fans.




Fabletics Winning Battle Against Amazon

Since Kate Hudson’s Fabletics launch three years ago the brand has grown by leaps and bounds into a $250 million dollar company. Fabletics has used a subscription based membership in its battle against the market leading Amazon, who controls 20% of the online fashion market. Fabletics provides their customers with a unique mix of high quality, fashionable, durable, activewear that is sold at a reasonable price. In order to compliment Fabletics online presence and grow the brand, they have been opening physical stores across the United States with 16 so far and plenty more planned in the next few years.

Gregg Throgmartin, The General Manager of Fabletics, credits their membership model to the company’s success. He said this model allows them to offer their customers a personalized service, and cutting-edge fashion that is sold at half the price of Fabletic’s competitors. He also gave an insight into three ways that Fabletics is separating itself from the competition.

Fabletics is looking at their brick and mortar stores in a different light than most other retailers. Most retailers are losing tons of business as customers look for products in a physical store but go online to buy it for less elsewhere, otherwise known as showrooming. Fabletics has turned this on its head by encouraging members to reverse showroom where customers, 30-50% of whom are already Fabletics members and another 25% join while in the store, can try on clothing which is then automatically added to their online carts.

Fabletics uses the online data it has established about members in order to stock its physical stores. As time goes on what it stocked is changed and tweaked in order to keep up with fashion trends and members tastes. The third way that Fabletics competes is their focus on growth through accessibility, culture, and people. This focus is paying off as Fabletics growth rate has been 35% year over year.

There have been many positive reviews of Fabletics. The online review site Trustpilot has Fabletics earning 4 out of 5 stars with comments saying things like how user-friendly the site is, having great products, and praising the high quality. A Foodie Stays Fit reviewed Fabletics and her conclusion was that she really likes the way the clothes fit and look. Another review is at The Krazy Coupon Lady where she says that the styles available rival that of Lululemon matched with Target prices.

Fabletics Showcases Innovative Digital Strategies

Kate Hudson’s lifestyle brand Fabletics uses innovative media strategies to market to customers and build a base. One characteristic of the brand is how the internet is used to promote the brand. Fabletics found success The campaign featuring pictures of Kate Hudson smiling and having a great time reaches women who wear the clothes to exercise and live in. In three years the company amassed 250 million since it began in 2013. This is impressive to say the least, as Amazon controls 20% of the fashion industry in e-commerce.

Fabletics uses a subscription method, where members pay a monthly fee and receive clothing as well as special perks for signing up. This is radically different from traditional sales methods for clothes, utilizing technology to provide customers reliable services every month.

Now they are opening stores all over the United States, including California, Hawaii, Illinois, and Florida. The unique quality of reverse showroom is the brand was first established online, then moved into brick and mortar stores. This means that there is already a degree of brand loyalty, and retention rates are high. 30-50% of customers who walk in the stores are members, and 25% become members after walking in. The online platform is linked with the store, as any article of clothing that a customer tries on is put in the cart online.

Fashion shown in the stores is based on local trends, calculated through online data collected. The stores carry items most likely to be worn in the area. The brand experienced large growth, over 35% every year. The parent company TechStyle says the combination of high quality clothes and a spokesperson who is authentic, as well as creative teams and providing clothes at a good price sparked the success of the brand. With the digital era in mind, Fabletics used memberships, smart branding, and analytic data to sustain a brand that is available in ten countries. Using the digital environment to its advantage, Fabletics provides fast service, such as shipping and digital check out. The brand centers around making shopping for clothes a personal experience for their customers.

Fabletics offers a variety of clothes, such as tees, leggings, joggers, and sports bras. The clothes come in many different colors and patterns. First time users on the website can take a quiz about their work out preferences, and are offered a special discount. The memberships are monthly and renewed automatically unless the customer decides to opt out.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Someone To Learn From

One of the highest honors for someone is for her to be given the opportunity to teach others about what she has learned in her industry. For Dr. Jennifer Walden, this means that she has proven herself to be very knowledgeable and innovative in her field of cosmetic surgery that she has to share her knowledge with others so that they could perform the procedures with the knowledge that is important to the recovery of their patients. There are quite a few platforms that Dr. Jennifer Walden has used in order to give insight on the industry that she works in.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has talked on radio shows and TV shows about cosmetic surgery. A lot of the things she has said have been astonishing and insightful. Experts have loved what she had to say so much that they have wanted her to contribute to the new textbook that is being produced for new students. She has decided that she could do that. She has written a few bits and pieces of information that students can study. For one thing, Dr. Jennifer Walden has provided something that could improve the industry of cosmetic surgery.

Jennifer Walden has been very passionate about what she is doing. This is what has taken her really far. Her nature is that of someone who is far from selfish. She has not approached her industry from the standpoint of making money. She has looked at everything from the perspective of what she could do for people in her care. As a result, she has made sure that the patients that visited her felt welcome with her. While she is highly skilled at what she does, she also has a welcoming personality that gets people to relax around her. Part of this comes from the love and care she has for her children.

The Interests and Accomplishments of Avi Weisfogel

For nearly 20 years, Avi Weisfogel has served the dental needs to the people of East Brunswick, NJ. Avi is dedicated to educating the public not only about dental health, but easing the fears of “dentaphobes” and working to create beautiful healthy smiles with cosmetic dentistry. However, he is not merely a man in a white doctor’s coat; outside of work, he has many interests, passions and achievements that set him apart from the rest.

Realizing that millions of people around the world do not have access to regular dental care, Weisfogel is an avid supporter of Operation Smile, a charity started by Dr. William Magee and his wife in 1982. To date the nonprofit has provided over a quarter of a million free dental procedures to people in 60 countries, with thousands of dentists and dental technicians donating their time and skills. Dr. Weisfogel has created a GoFundMe page to help the nonprofit raise even more funds to continue their efforts around the world.

Did you know that sleep disturbed breathing can not only lead to restless nights, but also stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular issues? Dr. Avi Weisfogel realizes the myriad dangers associated with sleep disturbed breathing and is working hard to combat them by working with Dental Sleep Masters. This program takes the medical knowledge of dentists around the country to provide better technology to combat the dangers of sleep disturbed breathing. The technologies of Dental Sleep Masters can be discussed with Dr. Weisfogel at his office in East Brunswick, NJ.

All work and no play makes for a dull man, which is why Dr. Weisfogel relaxes from his busy dental practice to create hip-hop music. He isn’t your average dentist, now is he? You can find his dope beats on SoundCloud and Vimeo; don’t be surprised if you find him discussing new song ideas with you at your next appointment. He finds inspiration from the world around him to create uniquely talented hip hop music that inspires.

Do Chaz By Wen Products Do Everything Promised?

Anyone watching late-night infomercials have seen the never-ending flood of Wen by Chaz [] products. This so-called miracle-working product in a jar is supposed to be one of the best hair products around. At least that’s what we’re being told. But, does it really work?
That’s what Bustle Magazine Fashion and Beauty Editor Emily McClure wanted to find out. She was looking for a product that would help her lifeless hair and often oily roots. The Sephora Sweet Almond Mint seemed an excellent choice for her 7-day experiment. Would the product deliver?

First of all, Emily was a bit taken aback by the generous amount of product (12-16 pumps) the directions called for. The first two days, Chaz by Wen made her hair very shiny and added a significant amount of volume. But, after missing the third day, she found that her roots were very oily.

On days 4-7, she had a lot of lasting body, but she noticed her roots were still a bit oily. So did Chaz Dean products do what it promised? For the most part, yes, according to Emily. She says she is pleased with the results, but cautions users to be diligent in the routine. If a day is skipped, your hair could suffer the consequences. If you’re not prepared to go all in and are generally lazy, Wen would not be your go to product.

The Chaz by Wen products were created by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean. With over 20 years in the industry, Dean was determined to create a product that would work on all hair types. He wanted something that would take the place of shampoo, conditioners, de-tanglers and other extras.

The reviews on Wen products have been mostly positive. Users insist that the products have rejuvenated their hair. When asked if they would recommend the products to a friend, the answer was a resounding yes.

Lime Crime Gains Popularity on Instagram


According to a recent article on PR Newswire, this past month ambitious makeup brand Lime Crime reached a high number of two million Instagram followers. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Doe Deere seemed rather optimistic about the on-going development, and was glad to have the opportunity to use her imagination and creativity to promote her products through Instragram, and social media in general.

Deere was born and raised in Russia and lived out her late teen years in New York City. Before taking off with her makeup art she started as a musician; however, she had a basic concept in her mind long before she ever invented Lime Crime. She even owned a little temporary tattoo business when she lived in Russia, and these jobs helped her greatly in business and entrepreneurial affairs later. It was her passion for vibrant, bright colors that inspired her to eventually start her makeup business in 2008.

Since then, Deere has often spoken avidly about the importance of freedom and expressing one’s own feelings as he or she sees fit. According to her, makeup and fashion are crucial forms of self-expression. She sells her makeup on her Lime Crime website, especially lipsticks and eye makeup. Lime Crime is also the brain behind the website’s “on lip” lipstick swatch, which shows lipstick color on the lips themselves as opposed to simply smeared on paper.

The article stated that Lime Crime often receives posts of different looks by fans or “unicorns” as Deere calls them, who have used Lime Crime products. Many of these posts also end up on the Lime Crime website,, so that people who are either skeptical or considering the products can see how they look on genuine customers. Deere said that she was glad the company has the advantage of using Instagram, as it helps customers to see an accurate representation of how a product will look. She said she is also happy to see how fans of Lime Crime have used its products with their own creativity to share new looks and ideas.

Those who are interested in Lime Crime products can follow the brand at @limecrimemakeup on Instagram.