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Brown Agency: Modeling & Theatrical placement:

The Brown Agency is a well-known modeling agency located on Congress Avenue within the downtown area of Austin Texas. The Brown Agency is an established modeling agency that has successfully placed models and actors in various areas of modeling as well as jobs within the entertainment industry.

The agency has successfully secured work for men, women and children in various areas including modeling, fashion, commercial and theatrical. A simple modeling call can ultimately lead to regular and steady work within the industry. The Brown Agency is always looking for new and fresh faces to fill modeling calls.

The agency has helped launch modeling careers for models such as Carter Wray, Erik Fellows, David Bates and many more. Male and female fashion models are always needed to model sportswear as well as the latest summer and fall fashion trends.

Audrey English is a recognized and established female model who has become increasingly popular due to the efforts of the Brown Agency. In addition, other well-known models include Amanda wells and Enjoli. The Brown Agency was also responsible for helping these women earn a name for them within the world of fashion modeling.

The Brown Agency also enjoys working with young children. Most children and impressionable and fairly easy to work with. Some up and coming child models include Allison Siebel, Ace Hart, Barton Tantum, Courtney Church and many more.

Adam Duncan signed on with the agency as a male model. However, it was soon discovered that Duncan had theatrical talent. Therefore, Adam Duncan has begun to establish himself as an theater actor who does some commercial work also. You never know what can happen if you have the drive and ability to succeed. The Brown Agency can certainly help someone get their foot in the door and meet the right people.

The agency requires current a head-shot and a resume of any previous modeling and or acting experience the model or actor may have. Therefore, the first step is to present a portfolio to the agency which should include current photos.

If a representative at the Brown Agency is interested in speaking with a potential model or actor you will receive a call from a representative within about a month. You can also check out the company web site for additional information. Please see It is best not to telephone the agency. If the agency is interested they will certainly contact you.

It is best to take advantage of every possible modeling opportunity especially if you are new within the business. Success in modeling and acting many times depends on luck. Therefore, keep trying, never giving up and you may be surprised at what you may achieve.