Do Chaz By Wen Products Do Everything Promised?

Anyone watching late-night infomercials have seen the never-ending flood of Wen by Chaz [] products. This so-called miracle-working product in a jar is supposed to be one of the best hair products around. At least that’s what we’re being told. But, does it really work?
That’s what Bustle Magazine Fashion and Beauty Editor Emily McClure wanted to find out. She was looking for a product that would help her lifeless hair and often oily roots. The Sephora Sweet Almond Mint seemed an excellent choice for her 7-day experiment. Would the product deliver?

First of all, Emily was a bit taken aback by the generous amount of product (12-16 pumps) the directions called for. The first two days, Chaz by Wen made her hair very shiny and added a significant amount of volume. But, after missing the third day, she found that her roots were very oily.

On days 4-7, she had a lot of lasting body, but she noticed her roots were still a bit oily. So did Chaz Dean products do what it promised? For the most part, yes, according to Emily. She says she is pleased with the results, but cautions users to be diligent in the routine. If a day is skipped, your hair could suffer the consequences. If you’re not prepared to go all in and are generally lazy, Wen would not be your go to product.

The Chaz by Wen products were created by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean. With over 20 years in the industry, Dean was determined to create a product that would work on all hair types. He wanted something that would take the place of shampoo, conditioners, de-tanglers and other extras.

The reviews on Wen products have been mostly positive. Users insist that the products have rejuvenated their hair. When asked if they would recommend the products to a friend, the answer was a resounding yes.

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  • Elise Felipe

    October 24, 2017

    Absolutely and a resounding Yes is the answer. There have been series upon series of testimonies surrounding the air and filling the writing industries about the wonderment of WEN cleansing products. Infact, many had responded favorably to using it as a feed back system that their hair instead of a dry strong hair, after application of Wen, there are differences.

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