Fabletics Showcases Innovative Digital Strategies

Kate Hudson’s lifestyle brand Fabletics uses innovative media strategies to market to customers and build a base. One characteristic of the brand is how the internet is used to promote the brand. Fabletics found success The campaign featuring pictures of Kate Hudson smiling and having a great time reaches women who wear the clothes to exercise and live in. In three years the company amassed 250 million since it began in 2013. This is impressive to say the least, as Amazon controls 20% of the fashion industry in e-commerce.

Fabletics uses a subscription method, where members pay a monthly fee and receive clothing as well as special perks for signing up. This is radically different from traditional sales methods for clothes, utilizing technology to provide customers reliable services every month.

Now they are opening stores all over the United States, including California, Hawaii, Illinois, and Florida. The unique quality of reverse showroom is the brand was first established online, then moved into brick and mortar stores. This means that there is already a degree of brand loyalty, and retention rates are high. 30-50% of customers who walk in the stores are members, and 25% become members after walking in. The online platform is linked with the store, as any article of clothing that a customer tries on is put in the cart online.

Fashion shown in the stores is based on local trends, calculated through online data collected. The stores carry items most likely to be worn in the area. The brand experienced large growth, over 35% every year. The parent company TechStyle says the combination of high quality clothes and a spokesperson who is authentic, as well as creative teams and providing clothes at a good price sparked the success of the brand. With the digital era in mind, Fabletics used memberships, smart branding, and analytic data to sustain a brand that is available in ten countries. Using the digital environment to its advantage, Fabletics provides fast service, such as shipping and digital check out. The brand centers around making shopping for clothes a personal experience for their customers.

Fabletics offers a variety of clothes, such as tees, leggings, joggers, and sports bras. The clothes come in many different colors and patterns. First time users on the website can take a quiz about their work out preferences, and are offered a special discount. The memberships are monthly and renewed automatically unless the customer decides to opt out.