Handy Smoothed Out Its Operations

Handy is the top company for booking house cleaning or home maintenance work via an app or a computer. The startup has expanded into well over two-dozen cities and the growth does not seem like it is going to slow down. Since people are in dire need of help around the house, demand for Handy.com‘s booking app is not likely to decrease. Co-founder Oisin Hanrahan saw such a need in his very early post-undergraduate days. His vision has helped carry Handy to the very successful position it holds today.

Handy did have to revise operational processes during its early days. Startups often play trial and error. This is absolutely necessary when a startup is venturing into new, trailblazing territory since no exact examples can be examined from pre-established businesses doing the same thing. A new soda company, for example, has many other beverage companies to study.

Handy had to deal with improving its hiring process for new freelancers. Freelancers deliver the services in which Handy promotes. Freelancers who please customers help Handy in innumerable ways. Streamlining and enhancing the hiring process was a major responsibility Handy’s management needed to figure out. In time, the best possible process was developed and Handy is all the better for it. Visit https://www.handy.com/services for more info.