JustFab Has a New President and More Reasons to Go Public

JustFab Inc, has recently named experienced deal-maker Todd Tappin as its finance chief and President. The news is seen as a tactical strategy by JustFab following its recent operational success with a potential IPO offering, in the future. Learn more about JustFab: http://blogs.wsj.com/cfo/2016/06/08/fashion-unicorn-startup-justfab-inc-taps-cfo-with-ipo-experience/

Analysts believe that the IPO move will help JustFab to expand its product-line and offering to a new level by opening itself to new partnerships and investments.

The closely held company, Just Fab has experienced immense growth in the preceding years after the $250 million fundraising campaign, in 2014. Currently, the company is valued at $1 billion, which is a testament to the claimed 4 million followers who regularly pay to get their hands on hundreds of high-quality products.

As such, JustFab offers a fashion based subscription service – a business model where members pay monthly subscription to gain access to products.

Perhaps, the loyal following and successful revenue streams has allowed JustFab to look beyond the traditional offering by hiring Todd Tappin, who is likely to prove instrumental in taking the company, public.

In fact, Todd successfully helped Rubicon Project to become an instant success. His financial and operational expertise also includes first-hand experience as a managing director of a private equity firm, which helped many high-profile firms gain funding at the early stage through the initial public offering.

Despite the apparent motives of JustFab, Todd Tappin made it clear that the company is not in a hurry to offer IPO because its organic growth remains very strong.

As such, JustFab is poised to exceed $650 in revenues, this year. Under such circumstances, it is wise to suggest that IPO offering is just one of the objectives that is under consideration. Learn more about JustFab: https://www.linkedin.com/company/justfab

Anyway, when the company decides to go public, it will allow JustFab to attract massive investment. Besides, it will also open the company to debt and equity helping it with the acquisition of like-minded companies and competitors.

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  • Paislee Gibson

    August 9, 2017

    Todd seems to be just the right person to tackle the job as he has already worked as the CEO of a popular California based advertising company, Rubicon Project. It is the same thing that assignmentman assignment help has been able to reveal to them but they are still adamant on some of these things which is yet to happen.

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