Kate Hudson Knows How to Play with the Big Boys

A few giants control the world of business. These giants do not want to let competition in and will often ruthlessly attack any who threaten them. Indeed, this is true for Amazon. There is one woman however who does not fear the internet juggernaut and that woman is Kate Hudson.


Hudson launched her company Fabletics three years ago. Through a series of excellent decisions and well-timed promotions, Fabletics grew to have an estimated value of over $230 million. Hudson would then leverage this wealth against Amazon, who has a 20% control of the fashion e-commerce industry. Many business insiders said that she would fail by spearheading her business into Amazon’s territory. They were all wrong.


While Amazon does control a large part of fashion e-commerce, the truth is their products leave much to be desired. Fabletics products, on the other hand, inspire you to be a better you and push you to achieve your lifelong dreams. This focus on quality has allowed Fabletics to take back some of the market share in the fashion world.


Another way Fabletics was able to take on Amazon was through the technique of reverse showrooming. For those who may not be familiar with the term, showrooming is when a customer comes into a physical retail store and browses products they are interested in buying. The problem is they will not buy at that store. If they like the product, they will go online and find it for a lower price. Kate Hudson used her creativity to deal with this problem.


To create a culture of reverse showrooming, Fabletics wanted to get people to be their customers already before they walked into one of their 16 store locations. They did this by running events and activities sponsored by Fabletics in the store’s local areas. This focus on local areas resulted in around 30-50% of walk-ins already being customers.


Kate Hudson has been very public about her business. She has told several magazines that she never saw herself as an entrepreneur. However, she believed so much in this product that she had to take it all the way.


If you are interested in seeing what Fabletics has to offer, I encourage you to take their quick and easy lifestyle quiz. It is only six questions long, but those questions will zero in on what Fabletics clothes are right for you during your typical day.