Kim Dao Visits Disneyland Tokyo

This video shows Kim Dao at the Disneyland resort in Tokyo, Japan. KimDao spends the day at Disney Sea as she takes viewers on a tour of the park. Kim Dao has also brought along three of her friends for the trip, and they spend the entire day at Disney Sea together having fun. Kim Dao offers the tip to fans to get Fast Passes for rides. Kim Dao and her friends use it first for the Tower of Terror attraction. The Fast Pass helps Kim Dao and her friends to skip past hour long wait times in line. Throughout the video Kim Dao features beautiful views of Disney ranging from the rides and attractions to the delicious food and colorful merchandise. Kim Dao and her friends enjoy a spicy smoked chicken leg for a quick bite to eat. It looks delicious, and she comments on how yummy it is. Kim Dao and her friends even visit the Arabian Nights area and they enjoy the Magic Carpet ride together. Kim Dao and her friends then visit what she calls her favorite place to be, The Mermaid Lagoon. She even shows a quick flashback of when she visited The Mermaid Lagoon six months ago. Overall it is a fun and lighthearted video of a magical place.

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