Lime Crime Gains Popularity on Instagram


According to a recent article on PR Newswire, this past month ambitious makeup brand Lime Crime reached a high number of two million Instagram followers. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Doe Deere seemed rather optimistic about the on-going development, and was glad to have the opportunity to use her imagination and creativity to promote her products through Instragram, and social media in general.

Deere was born and raised in Russia and lived out her late teen years in New York City. Before taking off with her makeup art she started as a musician; however, she had a basic concept in her mind long before she ever invented Lime Crime. She even owned a little temporary tattoo business when she lived in Russia, and these jobs helped her greatly in business and entrepreneurial affairs later. It was her passion for vibrant, bright colors that inspired her to eventually start her makeup business in 2008.

Since then, Deere has often spoken avidly about the importance of freedom and expressing one’s own feelings as he or she sees fit. According to her, makeup and fashion are crucial forms of self-expression. She sells her makeup on her Lime Crime website, especially lipsticks and eye makeup. Lime Crime is also the brain behind the website’s “on lip” lipstick swatch, which shows lipstick color on the lips themselves as opposed to simply smeared on paper.

The article stated that Lime Crime often receives posts of different looks by fans or “unicorns” as Deere calls them, who have used Lime Crime products. Many of these posts also end up on the Lime Crime website,, so that people who are either skeptical or considering the products can see how they look on genuine customers. Deere said that she was glad the company has the advantage of using Instagram, as it helps customers to see an accurate representation of how a product will look. She said she is also happy to see how fans of Lime Crime have used its products with their own creativity to share new looks and ideas.

Those who are interested in Lime Crime products can follow the brand at @limecrimemakeup on Instagram.

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  • Aria Henry

    June 3, 2017

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