Making Surgical Procedure Safe and Pain-free

Many people get scared of surgical procedure because they feel the pain involved could be unbearable. That is not the case particularly when qualified and experienced anesthetists handle the process. One organization that has distinguished itself in this field over the years is Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA).

They have specialists that attend to cases of general anesthesia. General Anesthesia takes care of extensive surgery that requires complete stillness and unconsciousness on the part of the patient. Examples are brain, chest, abdominal or heart surgery. Physicians pay more attention to patients breathing amid general anesthesia. After the pre-anesthetic assessment, the surgeon and anesthesiologist will prescribe a kind of analgesic that suit the procedure used and the patient’s general health status.

Their regional anesthesia specialists keep recording outstanding breakthroughs. Regional Anesthesia controls the sensation of pain on a specific region of the body such as arms, lower abdomen or legs during surgery. It all starts with sedative medications administered through an IV before the administration of local anesthetic to the nerve directly linked to the area of the body being operated on

CAA also have specialist that address Monitored Anesthesia Care: commonly referred to as “Twilight Sleep.” This type is usually administered for procedures that involve surgery on delicate soft tissues. The anesthesia provider numbs the area of operation with the aid of an IV that reduces anxiety and pain while local anesthesia is placed in the surrounding tissue.

It is thus obvious from the above that CAA is one of the few anesthesia providers that embrace the concept of specialization. They have specialists for each of the three general classifications of anesthesia: General Anesthesia, Regional Anesthesia, and Local/MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care).

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