Adam Milstein’s Recipe For Success

Adam Milstein, an Israeli-born real estate investor, and philanthropist is no stranger to the real estate business. He was in service during the Yom Kippur War in 1973, as part of his mandatory military service. He emigrated to the US in 1981, graduated with an MBA from the University of Southern California, and began practicing as a commercial real estate sales agent in 1983. Together with his wife, Gila, he founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. He has an extensive list of accolades in charity work and community leadership.


One of his recent and renowned investments is the Hager Pacific Properties, a commercial real estate investment firm that manages over 100 properties throughout the USA. The investment company boasts of a commercial real estate portfolio of over $ 1 billion. Adam Milstein keen ability to predict and develop key real estates across the USA is partly to his childhood. His dad was a property developer which would explain why the industry sparked such an interest to the young man. Moreover, his vast experience running his father’s firm after graduation, and his personal experience as a commercial real estate sales agent have sharpened his ability to spot potential real estates.


Adam Milstein attributes his career success to persistence, taking risks, consistency, and conducting follow-ups. In an era where everyone is looking for a Get-rich-quick scheme, Adam Milstein offers that to succeed in life, one has to put in the hard work and focus on the big picture. He admittedly insists that family is important, and the key to any success. In a recent interview, he calls for the need for people to understand the problem and be part of the solution. He also debunks the idea of setting specific goals in real estate and points that they are limiting and that it takes some years to be able to make money in real estate.


In a speech to the Alpha Epsilon Pi, Milstein offers many insights to having a successful life. He points out that although most senior citizens assume they’ve attained success in education, relationships or financial freedom, one should never stop learning. Like most successful people in business, Adam insists that making loads of money shouldn’t be anybody’s ultimate goal, rather, one should be happy with whatever they’ve got.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – Chief

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – Special Man
Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is CFO and one of the top directors for Grupo Televisa. He certainly understands the presses. Better yet, he leads them.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is no ordinary Joe. He is dedicated. He is a truth fighter. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – never forget the name. Mexican print media has never been the same since Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero as Mexican CEO stepped in.

The media’s influence, in all aspects of our daily life, has only grown in the last two decades and especially in the last half decade. Print media, such as news and journalism, has advanced farther then one could have ever hoped for or imagined in this lifetime. The fact of the matter is this: We need to stay on top of things in order to survive as a nation or world. Mexico is at the forefront of this battle as it currently fights numerous corruption issues from within it’s very media powerhouse.

Did you know that Mexico runs the world in terms of media and news outlets? It’s one of the top providers and one of the most viewed and most read-about altogether. We know that South and Central America have top news and media providers, especially when it comes to the major issues affecting world society today – such as drug trafficking, violence, and immigration. Mexico stands at the top of this particular list and holds a valid place for all to learn from.

Its example of modesty, courtesy, integrity, and fair trade value have only declined in recent years, and it’s mostly the media’s fault. Not all media companies are corrupt, however; for example, Grupo Televisa is a solid example of what it means to follow the facts through to the very end, even if it means having less popularity sometimes. Grupo Televisa, and all of its top executives, like Viadero, fight for your rights. This is, of course, considering that you’re a Mexican citizen. Nonetheless, they fight for the truth, and the truth should be promoted everywhere – thus everyone’s.

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Brian Bonar – Financial Entrepreneur

Brian Bonar is a professional entrepreneur that has many years of experience in the world of finance. Currently, he serves as the Chairman and CEO for Dalrada Financial Services and Trucept. He resides in San Diego, California, where he continues to focus his efforts on many different financial matters.

He has been with Dalrada Financial since 1999 and has been with Trucept since the summer of 2011. He oversees the management and sales techniques within the Dalrada Financial Services structure and handles all of the insurance services for Trucept. When he’s not busy managing two separate companies, he takes part in managing temporary staffing and Professional Employer Organization criteria.

Brian Bonar attended the James Watt Technical College in the 1960’s where he studied mechanical engineering. He then went on to study at Stafford University in the 70’s and 80’s. He furthered his mechanical engineering career and went on to get his master’s degree. Mr. Bonar has many years of expertise in the finance department.

He became a finance guru while working for several different companies such as IBM, Rastek Corporation, QMS, Adaptec, Bezier Systems, Allegiant Professionals and many more. His wide range of expert statute and many years of experience have guided him to become very successful in the financial industry.

While working for IBM, Bonar oversaw the care and perfection of the motherboard outsourcing unit. At Rastek Corporation, he primarily focused his efforts on printing technology sales throughout the world.

He worked his way up to the Vice President of the marketing and sales department. Eventually, Bonar made his way to Bezier Systems, which was a company he formed to create the first SCSI based printer.

He became the founder and CEO of Bezier Systems in 1994. He found himself working with manufacturers in Japan and Korea to enhance the business structure. In 2008, he decided to switch gears and became involved in Allegiant Professional Business Services.

He became the president of the company and oversaw the details involved in improving sales and marketing transactions.

Brian Bonar wears many hats in the entrepreneurial world of business. He has become a very well-known individual who exhibits exceptional talent among many industries. His career has been quite successful through his avenues of work, and he continues to make vast efforts within the industry.

He works to better understand and evaluate the finance and technology industry. When he isn’t busy working his businesses, he likes to catch up with some golfing and boating activities.

He takes great pride in his work, and greater pride in his family life. He is an exceptional example to the entrepreneur industry. He exudes balances and a constant flow of knowledge throughout his avenues of business and expertise.

Surgeon, Scientist & Entrepreneur Cameron Clokie from Canada, Makes Waves Internationally

Canadian surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur Cameron Clokie is making waves internationally because of his unique expertise in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Not only is he an acclaimed surgeon and scientist, but also a successful entrepreneur. He is he CEO of Induce Biologics Inc., a company that specializes in providing out of the box solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction.

Cameron Clokie became a doctor of dental surgery (DDS) in 1985 and received his doctorate in bone regeneration pertaining to interface development of dental implants from the acclaimed McGill University in 1992.

Apart from his stellar academic background, his long years of experience both as someone involved in the academic aspects of dentistry, as well as its clinical practice have meant that he has earned a formidable reputation in his fields of specialty.

According to Bloomberg, Cameron Clokiee has been the head of the oral and maxillofacial surgery and the professor of maxillofacial surgery at the University of Toronto. He has also been on the board of several companies. Then there have been all those national and international papers he has published both national and internationally on bone construction and regenerative medicine that have won him international acclaim. Learn more about Cameron Clockie:

Add to that some 25 US and international patents, which includes those concerned with bone healing and you begin to understand why he is so highly regarded. Above all his expertise in surgical management of the jaw, which involves using totally innovative approaches, has earned him tremendous renown at home in Canada and abroad. Read more: Cameron Clokie Speaks to Regenerative Medicine
The fact that he is so knowledgeable and extremely good at what he does means that he is able to enter into strategic business alliances and put in place commercially viable businesses.

If ever there were someone who has made a name for himself by the dint of his knowledge and expertise, it has to be Cameron Clockie. What is even remarkable has been his ability to reinvent himself as an entrepreneur leveraging the skills that he has acquired over the years.

Dr. Cameron Clockie is an inspiration to many not just in the health services field, but for anyone who seeks to make a difference to people’s lives.

Todd Lubar, an Investor In Real Estate

Todd Lubar, President at TDL Global Ventures and Sr. VP to legendary Investments, has grown to become a seasoned entrepreneur and businessman working in the real estate industry for over 20 years. He has also greatly helped others fulfill their dreams of becoming homeowners.

He has not only invested in real estate’s but also worked in several industries that range from construction to mortgage banking, to entertainment. Todd is passionate about community service. His enormous experience has helped him share his business shrewdness to set others up for the journey to success.

The experience Todd had for 20 years working in the finance and credit space made him realized that it was an opportune moment for him to help others. He found out the best way to eliminate barriers that limit people from receiving loans. In the process, he came up with a product and program for consumers that give them what they want. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Todd Lubar asserts that his typical day starts off with a cup of coffee. He then checks his email before heading to the office. By knowing what is going on in the news and his industry puts his day into perspective. The ideas he gets in his life came from his will to make them come to fruition.

Todd Lubar entrance to Real Estate industry is dated back in 1995. Because of his marvel of different business and desire to help others, he chose his destiny towards real estate and finance to be his life long career.

In the year 1999 Todd took a different step that would see him acquire equity position with the legacy Financial group. It was a great opportunity that presented to him to expand his lending capabilities to broker loans to outside investors.

Towards 2002, he decided to take his the real estate to a different level by opening the Legendary Properties, LLC. A residential development company. His establishment in this venture facilitated rapid progression of rehabilitating, purchasing, selling and profiting on 200 additional transactions.

While he continued his involvement in the Mortgage Banking, in 2003 Lubar opened Charter Funding, this was a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation.

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Securus Technologies Offers Modern Correctional Services and Solutions

The company was founded in 1986 to provide services in the fields of parolee tracking, information, and communication sharing about detainees as well as government communications. Securus has been an established leader in the provision of prisoner communication and tracking, running its services across 45 states in the United States and covering up to 2,600 correctional and rehabilitation facilities. An estimated 1 Million inmates have been beneficiaries of the services offered by the Securus Technologies.


The Securus Technologies is a non-profit making venture that specializes in prison technology. It is based in the state of Texas, in Dallas. The other regional offices run by the firm are located in Carrollton in Texas, Allen, and Atlanta in the state of Georgia. The services offered have reached more than 2,200 to 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States and Canada since its inception as a communications and parolee tracking technology firm. By the year 2016, the company had made an investment of up to $600 Million in patents, other amalgamations, and technologies.


Products offered by Securus Technologies

The Securus Technologies offers another range of services apart from communications and information sharing. In 2016, it introduced new technologies to track down contraband phone accessories, especially those run inside the correctional facilities. The innovation saw a boost in 2017 after collaborating with Harrington Solutions to develop the Wireless Containment Solutions, which intercepted calls made from contraband phones


Customer responses

A client has reached the company and offered appreciations for the services provided in one instance where we had to use the information provided by Securus on the phones in use to hunt down a staff member. The officer in question made use of contraband phones to reach out to a colleague and made unreasonable requests. Some other case that has been overly successful is the tracking down of alcohol usage, drugs and use of threats in the correctional facilities. It has been managed by the information we share. Much has been brought to the light concerning the underhand dealings of the inmates in the correctional facilities as well as those from the outside colluding with inmates.


Benefits of having Legit Companies like Clearabee Collect Your Garbage

It’s everybody’s desire to live in a conducive and clean environment. There is no substantial reason to tolerating the garbage around the homestead. Collecting all the trash and other junk materials and storing them in the basement is not a thorough clean up. Consecutive garbage disposal comes handy with sanity and habitable environment.

Benefits of hiring a reputable company

Getting professionals in the field to remove the rubbish has some benefits which include;-

  • Collection and removal of all the garbage to the dump site. The professionals collect all the garbage without leaving a trace, and they then dump the trash.
  • Reputable rubbish removal professionals have the interest of having you as their long term customer. They perform to their level best and charge affordable prices. This will save you money for subsequent rounds of garbage removal exercises.
  • Rubbish removal may be hectic, but with the professionals’ assistance, all the junk and other small wastes get removed and dumped avoiding you the hassles of taking them to the basement.

It may prove hard to find legit rubbish removal professionals like Clearabee as many are out there to extort you of your hard earned cash. Whenever you wish to hire a rubbish clearance company, check their customers’ reviews to ascertain whether they offer quality, or they are just hoaxes.

Clearabee garbage removal company

Clearabee is a U.K. based company providing rubbish removal services. The company has been in the business for some time, and it is dedicated to giving quality services at affordable prices. The company offers same day rubbish clearance services to ensure one does not live in the unhabitable environment any single day. They have rubbish removal vans that move around various residential and commercial areas collecting and dumping the rubbish as well as small rubbish clearance at affordable costs. Clearabee respond fast and have wonderful customer care services.


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The US Money Reserve As A Proponent For Gold Coin Investment

US Money Reserve gold coins are a fine investment for all. There are many people who are seeking out better ways to invest, and they may invest on the site as they shop for coins. There are quite a few different people who are searching for the coins as they look over the catalog online, and they may buy from the US Money Reserve at any time. The coins are shipped after the customer has made their purchases, and the coins will be used in any way the customers likes. They may keep them in storage simply because they do not want them to be in the open, or they may display them as this article explains.


#1: Collecting


Collecting coins is quite a lot of fun for someone who is on the site, and they will find a number of coins that may add to their collections. The collector may trade with others, and they will find that collecting is a fine long-term option. Collecting for the long term will find that they have quite a lot of value in the coins once they make their sale.


#2: Trading


Trading is quite simple, and someone who is looking for a better way to find coins may trade. Trading the coins is easy, and trading the coins will make the value higher. The value of a coin could be perceived to be quite high, and the high value of a coin may be traded on many times over. Someone who grows their collection in this manner must work quite hard to find the coins they want, and they must meet people who will help them with each trade.


#3: Selling


Selling coins is quite easy, and they are sold for at least the market value of the gold that is in the coin. The price of gold is rising every year, and the coins will be much more valuable in the future because of the way that they were collected. The investor will have a high return on their investment, and they will be happier with their investment choices.


Everyone who uses the US Money Reserve to save money will begin shopping for gold coins that make saving money simple. The money that is saved will be use for retirement or profit, and the money may be cashed in at any time. The coins are a beautiful thing to collect, or they are a simple investment option.


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The Unique Lip Balm that has taken the beauty market by surprise

Fast Company has recently interviewed a rapidly growing lip balm company that is radically transforming the market. EOS lip balm has taken over the lip balm scene as the second best lip balm aside from Chapstick, Blistex and Burt’s Bees. For seven years they have been creating little bundles of joy in their popular pastel colors and unique flavors. They took a plunge into an already popular market and became the first choice for the millennial generation. EOS lip balm can be found in stores like Wal-Mart, Target and some convenient stores. They have evolved into a $250 million dollar company in result of the last seven years, and work to continue to produce the best lip balm on the market.

Kline Research is reporting that EOS lip balm sells over 1 million items per year and is hoping to continue their popular sales, and reach the 2 billion dollar mark by 2020. Co-founder and partner, Sanjiv Mehra, talks about EOS lip balm as a small starter company that turned into a profitable, yet very popular business. They focus on the overall ingredients of each product to ensure the natural background and organic input. They have realized the demand for such product, and have taken it to the next level. As they have grown throughout the years, they understand that it’s important for people to understand their values and what they stand for.

The compilation and design behind the lip balm has many people stunned with appeasement. Mehra, along with his partners, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky, spent time developing a design that would appeal to the beauty aisle. They listened to buyers and how they were tired of looking for tubes of chapstick in their purses. They liked the idea of having their lip balm in a pot, but for hygiene reasons didn’t want to always be sticking their finger in it. That’s when EOS lip balm was created with their unique design.

Building A Career In Investment Management

If you want to build a career in investment management, you need to learn from people who have already succeeded at a high level.

Paul Mampilly recently won an award for his work in the field. With all of the changes in the economy today, you need to have a financial plan for your future. A lot of people are worried about what is going on in the market, but you can take advantage of those changes with a few minutes of strategic thinking. Paul Mampilly can help you with your finances in a variety of ways. He likes to start out with what your goals are, and then he moves on from there. With all of the changes that are going on in the economy, now is the time to figure out how to help other people on the road to success.

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Paul Mampilly
From the time that he started in business, Paul Mampilly has always been about helping other people get to a new level. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that he is working on right now. If you are ready to learn how to help other people, you need to work with him on a plan for the future. Paul Mampilly has proven that he understands how to invest in the long term, and he is excited about all of the changes that he is making in this area. A lot of people like his conservative investing style that has done well for them in the time that he has been in the industry.

For the long term investor, it does not get much better than Paul Mampilly. He has helped a lot of people during the course of his career, and he is going to continue to do so in the years ahead.

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