All-Natural Shea Butter is a Brilliant Beauty Find

Shea butter is an all-natural oil derived from the seeds of the African shea tree. At room temperature, it is a cream colored saturated fat with a consistency like smooth butter, and there are a variety of ways it can bolster your health and beauty. A 2010 study, published on, found that its cinnamic acid content gives shea butter anti-inflammatory properties. One particular cinnamate compound was found to reduce skin inflammation and even potentially help avoid skin mutations. This finding could have important applications for people who suffer with acne or who are high risk for developing skin cancer.

In addition to being anti-inflammatory, Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer. Its naturally occurring fatty acids and vitamins aid the skin’s natural collagen production. It also has oleic, stearic, palmitic, and linolenic acids that protect and nourish the skin to prevent drying. Many users of Shea butter report healthier skin with consistent use.

It is gentle enough to be used immediately as a facial moisturizer, and strong enough to tackle cracked, dry skin or psoriasis. EuGenia Shea’s products can also be incorporated into homemade lip balms, lotions and sunscreens.

The company works directly with well over a thousand small farming families throughout Ghana to cultivate high-quality cold-pressed shea oil. They have planted over 250,000 trees and increased farmers’ incomes by a factor of 10. The company has a heavily female work-force, and re-invests in its workers by contributing fifteen percent of its profits to an education fund for their benefit.

Andy Wirth has insight into the California Drought

Andy Wirth is one of the biggest experts on outdoor recreation in the state of California. Andy operates Squaw Valley, an extremely popular ski resort, and the resort is constantly growing. Andy knows that his business relies heavily on the climate, so he is constantly researching the climate in California.

California is a beautiful place to live. The state is packed with beautiful beaches, lakes, and mountain ranges. While the state has plenty of wonderful resources, it is also vulnerable to several crises. Global warming is having a tremendous impact on the coastline and on the mountain ranges.

A drought has been ravaging the state for several years as well. Cities are seeing massive water shortages, and many neighborhoods are filled with brown lawns. The drought is also having a massive impact on the skiing community within California. Ski resorts need snow, and most of California’s missing precipitation comes in the form of snow.

Ski resorts throughout the state have been struggling to find a solution to the drought problem, and recently KCRW sat down with Andy Wirth to discuss the way his resort was planning to handle the drought.

Andy has been in the business a long time. He has seen several drought cycles, but this is the worst drought he has ever faced. This past winter was the driest in recent memory. Wirth was quick to acknowledge that this past winter was one of the driest in recorded history. Several resorts had to close early, and visitors were down by 20%. Andy said that this winter was extremely troubling for the entire industry.  Learn more about Andy Wirth:

The past winter was scary for the entire industry, but Andy Wirth believes there is still hope for the future. Profits were down for his company, but it was still a very profitable year for Squaw Valley. Squaw Valley also benefits from having an extremely large amount of land.

The resort features 6,000 acres of land. During the past season, 2,000 acres were unavailable for use, but that still left the organization with 4,000 acres of land. 4,000 acres of land leaves plenty of room for visitors to ski on. The entire park does not need to be open for skiers to have a good time.

This drought was only a minor problem when compared to the issue of global warming. Winters should become shorter and warmer, but Andy Wirth has plans. He plans to offer his resorts as a location for business retreats and as a place to hold special events. These special events will offer some additional income for Squaw Valley.

Squaw Valley experienced low profits last year, but Andy Wirth is ready for a bright tomorrow. He will continue to successfully manage the resort for years to come.

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Do Chaz By Wen Products Do Everything Promised?

Anyone watching late-night infomercials have seen the never-ending flood of Wen by Chaz [] products. This so-called miracle-working product in a jar is supposed to be one of the best hair products around. At least that’s what we’re being told. But, does it really work?
That’s what Bustle Magazine Fashion and Beauty Editor Emily McClure wanted to find out. She was looking for a product that would help her lifeless hair and often oily roots. The Sephora Sweet Almond Mint seemed an excellent choice for her 7-day experiment. Would the product deliver?

First of all, Emily was a bit taken aback by the generous amount of product (12-16 pumps) the directions called for. The first two days, Chaz by Wen made her hair very shiny and added a significant amount of volume. But, after missing the third day, she found that her roots were very oily.

On days 4-7, she had a lot of lasting body, but she noticed her roots were still a bit oily. So did Chaz Dean products do what it promised? For the most part, yes, according to Emily. She says she is pleased with the results, but cautions users to be diligent in the routine. If a day is skipped, your hair could suffer the consequences. If you’re not prepared to go all in and are generally lazy, Wen would not be your go to product.

The Chaz by Wen products were created by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean. With over 20 years in the industry, Dean was determined to create a product that would work on all hair types. He wanted something that would take the place of shampoo, conditioners, de-tanglers and other extras.

The reviews on Wen products have been mostly positive. Users insist that the products have rejuvenated their hair. When asked if they would recommend the products to a friend, the answer was a resounding yes.

Recognition With a Swipe

If you’ve ever gone shopping and found a pair of sunglasses that the price tag made you gasp, there are options. New image recognition software is one of the fasted growing industries on These programs are easy to use apps on your phone used to scan product codes, the black and white tags danging from merchandise, used to take pictures of products in magazines, and or even a new outfit your friend bought.

Barcodes, QR codes, and coupon codes are on everything we buy. The ability to compare prices and quality is now a button touch away. By scanning or taking a picture of these product codes, you can search hundreds of stores, both online and in your town, and comparative prices pop up in an instant. There is no reason to pay double for something you do not have to, anymore.

There have been times when we have all sat waiting for an appointment and have thrumbed through a magazine. Celebrities on every page wearing clothes or carrying accessories that perk our curiosity. You can now take a picture of the picture and find all the information you may want. Even that the price is not out of reach.

Everyone has asked their friends where they have bought a specific outfit or pair of shoes. Image recognition software allows people to take pictures of real life 3d objects and in turn have the information they need at their fingertips. Who made it, where to buy it, and price comparisons are all information returned in nearly an instant.

Slyce is a cutting edge company in the area of image recognition. Their return time is a miracle and they are able to upload, examine, and give information on 1d, 2d, and 3d objects. Whether they are everyday objects or obscure, Slyce adds to their database and remains the most current brand and business in the field of image recognition.

Never overpay for a dress, groceries, or a meal, again. Imagine recognition is going to force businesses to compete for fair and balanced priced. Thanks to companies like Slyce who ensure the consumer has the information they need in everyday life.

Wen By Chaz Does it Again

A lot of people are catching on to Wen hair By Chaz: the all in one shampoo, conditioner and styling product. Not only will Wen By Chaz make your hair healthy, but voluminous, shiny and bouncy as well. Don’t take my word for it. Recently a hair stylist ran an experiment using the sephora fig version of the product for one week and was very pleased with the product. She also took a series of before and after pictures. I really like this article because it gives you a detailed idea of what it is like to actually use this product. You can see the results broken down day by day. Check it out.

The results speak for themselves. Within a few days of applying Wen By Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner this woman’s hair was transformed from brittle and dry to smooth and silky. At work or at the club, why wouldn’t you want to look your very best? In any case check out the article and give Wen By Chaz a try. You won’t be disappointed.


Bob Reina and his notice of video marketing’s trending identity


Bob Reina is an innovator of the twenty-first century. He took notice of and recognized the efficiency of viewing videos in today’s society for countless purposes. People watch videos for entertainment, to catch up on the latest news, to communicate with friends, to keep up with family members across the globe. People in today’s society watch videos constantly through numerous services and companies. Reina became aware of this reality and analyzed the trend, ultimately realizing the opportunity to change the world’s marketing strategies for the better.

Reina developed and refined the idea of his now famous company Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion thrives on the tendency of people to watch a short video rather than reading lengthy, convoluted review submissions and the nature of people to gravitate toward a faster, much less laborious method to achieve a set outcome. People want to “get a feel” for a company, business, or service/goods provider before committing to a business engagement with them. Bob Reina combined the ease of video viewing with marketing, professional introduction and advertising/exclusive offers to create his company Talk Fusion, changing marketing forever.

Bob Reina opens the video with an employee of his company Talk Fusion and “jumps right into the action”, so to speak, without much content in terms of padding and “time-wasting”. This immediately establishes Reina as a confident, honest professional.

Throughout the video, Reina can be seen on “live” video at the bottom-center of the screen. He presents his company and their purpose through the use of tailored, modern graphic designs and animated short clips that qualify the video as immensely professional.

The video covers the information of who Talk Fusion is marketed toward: all businesses of absolutely any size or industry; why his service is a must-have asset to any business; what his service does for a business specifically; and what trusted companies are already users of his company.

The likes of Applebee’s, Remax, and Toyota have already taken to using Talk Fusion to create personalized business pages that are comparable to social media profile pages in design, creating a familiar experience for consumers and business’s alike. These pages allow businesses to introduce themselves to their potential and repeat consumers on a new level that brings the two parties closer than ever. The pages can be used for text descriptions, video presentations and/or ads, and even offering exclusive consumer discounts and deals.

Talk Fusion is the future of video marketing for all businesses. It is setting the new standard for business-to-consumer relations and communication.

Former CEO of CCMP Stephen Murray Passes on at 52

The former president of CCMP Capital (a private equity firm) Stephen Murray died at 52. He was an excellent CEO and helped the firm in establishing a new and unique identity with investors. While he was Leading CCMP, the firm managed to raise a $3.6 billion fund. Mr. Murray was a terrific dealmaker and investor and most of his career was spent in Private Equity. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and

Stephen Murray left his company position a month earlier to the day of his death because of “healthy reasons”, his former firm reported. He had worked at CCMP including the other predecessor companies since 1989. During that time, the firm was called Chase Capital Partners and was later called JPMorgan Partners when J.P.Morgan bought it. The firm became one of the largest private equity firms in the world for some time. In 2006, the group spun out, and Mr. Murray was declared the CEO in 2007. He succeeded the group founder, Mr. Jeff Walker.

Murray graduated with a degree in economics from Boston College in 1984. He later went for further studies at Columbia Business School where he earned a Business Administration master’s degree in 1989. Read more: This Old Thing? Private Equity Honcho Drops Little Place Uptown for $11M

After graduating with a degree in economics, Murray worked at a credit analyst training program at a company known as Manufacturer Hanover Corporation in 1984.

He later joined MH Equity Corporation in 1989. Chemical Bank purchased Manufacturers Hanovers in 1991, and that was when Chemical Ventures merged with MH Equity – you can get to read more: The Exponential Growth of CCMP Capital Under Stephen Murray’s Leadership

. In 1996, Chase Manhattan Corporation merged with Chemical Bank and then Chemical Ventures Partners was called Chase Capital Partners.

Other than being CCMP’S CEO, Murray served on other major companies’ boards including Generac Power Systems, Aramark, AMC Entertainment, Pinnacle Foods, Warner Chilcott, Cabela’s, and Legacy Hospital Partners.

Stephen Murray was also a philanthropist. He supported a foundation known as Make-A-Wish of Metro New York, Stamford Museum, Boston College and the Columbia Business School.

Lime Crime Gains Popularity on Instagram


According to a recent article on PR Newswire, this past month ambitious makeup brand Lime Crime reached a high number of two million Instagram followers. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Doe Deere seemed rather optimistic about the on-going development, and was glad to have the opportunity to use her imagination and creativity to promote her products through Instragram, and social media in general.

Deere was born and raised in Russia and lived out her late teen years in New York City. Before taking off with her makeup art she started as a musician; however, she had a basic concept in her mind long before she ever invented Lime Crime. She even owned a little temporary tattoo business when she lived in Russia, and these jobs helped her greatly in business and entrepreneurial affairs later. It was her passion for vibrant, bright colors that inspired her to eventually start her makeup business in 2008.

Since then, Deere has often spoken avidly about the importance of freedom and expressing one’s own feelings as he or she sees fit. According to her, makeup and fashion are crucial forms of self-expression. She sells her makeup on her Lime Crime website, especially lipsticks and eye makeup. Lime Crime is also the brain behind the website’s “on lip” lipstick swatch, which shows lipstick color on the lips themselves as opposed to simply smeared on paper.

The article stated that Lime Crime often receives posts of different looks by fans or “unicorns” as Deere calls them, who have used Lime Crime products. Many of these posts also end up on the Lime Crime website,, so that people who are either skeptical or considering the products can see how they look on genuine customers. Deere said that she was glad the company has the advantage of using Instagram, as it helps customers to see an accurate representation of how a product will look. She said she is also happy to see how fans of Lime Crime have used its products with their own creativity to share new looks and ideas.

Those who are interested in Lime Crime products can follow the brand at @limecrimemakeup on Instagram.

Nutrimost Weight Loss

Lose Weight While Staying Healthy!

We’ve all had spurts of momentum, where we seem to be making progress and seeing desired results in our weight loss journey. However, that’s why they’re called “spurts.” They don’t last! When we plateau in our progress, it causes us to question whether the hard work is even worth it. The thing is; it’s not your fault!
We’ve been sold these weight loss programs and given false promises, only to be eventually let down. These programs are much too generic and not specific to our bodies. We have to eat and train specific to what we need! With Nutrimost, a program featured by NYC Fat Loss, it is customized to you, which is the only way to see consistent progress and keep that momentum rolling!
NutriMost has helped average people see extraordinary results in their weight loss. The difference is how quickly it happens and how consistent the weight loss is. Even some health experts and turned to Nutrimost Recipes. Most recently, we heard about Dr. Rob Vasquez, a wellness expert in the city of San Antonio. He was struggling to keep the weight off himself, until he turned to Nutrimost. Dr. Vasquez claims to have tried many different programs, packaged meals, and powders. When the doctor finally tried Nutrimost, he lost 35 pounds in 40 days! He was given his customized solutions, followed his diet, and recreated his entire lifestyle. The results speak for themselves!
Nutrimost doesn’t claim to have any special pills, powders, drinks, or potions. However, the company does offer honest advice and education to it’s clients. Join Nutrimost and forget about the false promises of the past. The future is bright with Nutrimost.

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Sam Tabar Appointed Head of FullCycle Energy

Sam Tabar was appointed to FullCycle Energy as Chief Operating Officer responsible for fund management. Tabar says he looks forward to working with senior management on moving away from fuels that pollute to more environmentally friendly ones. He has overseen finances for companies during most of his career. At Merrill Lynch he was responsible for providing fund managers an introduction to different investments like endowments, foundations, pensions, funds, and family offices.

He was co-head of marketing at the Sparx Group the largest independent fund in Asia Pacific. There he managed all aspects of the global marketing department. He worked as an attorney for a two large law firms and held a Masters of Law from Columbia Law School and Bachelors of Art from Oxford University.

FullCycle Energy is a company that raises money for new technology that disposes of garbage or waster. At the time the device generates energy. FullCycle Energy and Synova have built a device that helps companies convert trash to syn-gas or energy. It generates clean gas and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Many developing countries need waste solutions so this is a global problem. Conventional incinerators are built for waster destruction. They burn trash or garbage. Hydrocarbons are left in the gas fumes that are toxic to humans.

They devices are not incinerators and manage waste differently. Waste is treated in a waste recovery center. Glass, rocks and metals are sorted, dried and shredded into refuse derived fuel. It is put into a gasifier where the fuel is heated and turned into a gas for energy. The gas is cleaned before it is burned.

Sam Tabar knows how to speak English, French, and Japanese. With many years of experience handling company finances he is an asset to FullCycle Energy. His hobbies are traveling and hosting events. He received a Bachelor of Art from Oxford University.   Be sure to also follow Sam’s personal endeavors on GoFundMe, where he’s trying to raise money for AWI.