Recognition With a Swipe

If you’ve ever gone shopping and found a pair of sunglasses that the price tag made you gasp, there are options. New image recognition software is one of the fasted growing industries on These programs are easy to use apps on your phone used to scan product codes, the black and white tags danging from merchandise, used to take pictures of products in magazines, and or even a new outfit your friend bought.

Barcodes, QR codes, and coupon codes are on everything we buy. The ability to compare prices and quality is now a button touch away. By scanning or taking a picture of these product codes, you can search hundreds of stores, both online and in your town, and comparative prices pop up in an instant. There is no reason to pay double for something you do not have to, anymore.

There have been times when we have all sat waiting for an appointment and have thrumbed through a magazine. Celebrities on every page wearing clothes or carrying accessories that perk our curiosity. You can now take a picture of the picture and find all the information you may want. Even that the price is not out of reach.

Everyone has asked their friends where they have bought a specific outfit or pair of shoes. Image recognition software allows people to take pictures of real life 3d objects and in turn have the information they need at their fingertips. Who made it, where to buy it, and price comparisons are all information returned in nearly an instant.

Slyce is a cutting edge company in the area of image recognition. Their return time is a miracle and they are able to upload, examine, and give information on 1d, 2d, and 3d objects. Whether they are everyday objects or obscure, Slyce adds to their database and remains the most current brand and business in the field of image recognition.

Never overpay for a dress, groceries, or a meal, again. Imagine recognition is going to force businesses to compete for fair and balanced priced. Thanks to companies like Slyce who ensure the consumer has the information they need in everyday life.