Sam Tabar Appointed Head of FullCycle Energy

Sam Tabar was appointed to FullCycle Energy as Chief Operating Officer responsible for fund management. Tabar says he looks forward to working with senior management on moving away from fuels that pollute to more environmentally friendly ones. He has overseen finances for companies during most of his career. At Merrill Lynch he was responsible for providing fund managers an introduction to different investments like endowments, foundations, pensions, funds, and family offices.

He was co-head of marketing at the Sparx Group the largest independent fund in Asia Pacific. There he managed all aspects of the global marketing department. He worked as an attorney for a two large law firms and held a Masters of Law from Columbia Law School and Bachelors of Art from Oxford University.

FullCycle Energy is a company that raises money for new technology that disposes of garbage or waster. At the time the device generates energy. FullCycle Energy and Synova have built a device that helps companies convert trash to syn-gas or energy. It generates clean gas and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Many developing countries need waste solutions so this is a global problem. Conventional incinerators are built for waster destruction. They burn trash or garbage. Hydrocarbons are left in the gas fumes that are toxic to humans.

They devices are not incinerators and manage waste differently. Waste is treated in a waste recovery center. Glass, rocks and metals are sorted, dried and shredded into refuse derived fuel. It is put into a gasifier where the fuel is heated and turned into a gas for energy. The gas is cleaned before it is burned.

Sam Tabar knows how to speak English, French, and Japanese. With many years of experience handling company finances he is an asset to FullCycle Energy. His hobbies are traveling and hosting events. He received a Bachelor of Art from Oxford University.   Be sure to also follow Sam’s personal endeavors on GoFundMe, where he’s trying to raise money for AWI.

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  • Hana Magnus

    May 14, 2017

    FullCycle Energy invests in Synova a new type of energy. It is designed to divert waste from landfills and eliminate methane gases. When at Columbia University Law School he served as associate editor of the law review. It is also easy for essay writing service recommendation to have a place where things are working out strictly for them too.

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