Securus Technologies corrects misleading information published by GTL

Securus Technologies has been a leader in the criminal justice and technology solutions. Their primary goal has been to improve the experience of inmates at the time they spend in correction facilities. The company focuses on providing an array of services to inmates that are meant to enhance their safety, communication and receive essential emergency services. Such services include public information, communication, running investigations, emergency response and monitoring services. The company has grown to expand to other cities and different parts of the United States. They currently have their headquarters in Dallas, Texas where they serve more than three thousand correction facilities. The company avails its services to more than one million inmates spread across North America region.

Securus Technologies recently corrected wrong information put forth by GTL concerning its patents. One of GTL’s allegations was that the federal court had allowed them to seek injunctions for PTAB validation through their 816 patents. Securus later made it clear that the PTAB, a patent body, did not have the right to validate any patent and therefore cannot seek injunctions against those patents. In the same news, GTL had insisted that Securus were not allowed to monitor video monitoring visitations due to infringement of patents.

Claims like that where GTL insists that Securus Technologies does not have their equipment patented are unfounded. GTL insisted that they want to seek damages as Securus used their patents to get access their technology. Securus made a correction to the press release insisting that they have adequate technology. They have more patents compared to that of GTL. The company CEO went on to state they are ready to defend the company from any future attacks by GTL. He also questioned the approach taken by GTL to try solving disputes. The litigation undertaken by the firm is going to cost millions and may take years to complete.

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  • Kaitlynn Ben

    September 24, 2017

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