Senior Community from California Is One of the Best in the Nation

The Manse on Marsh, an assisting center for seniors from San Luis Obispo, won an award on behalf of Caring, an institution which recognizes and guides assisted living communities from the United States.

The Manse on Marsh became part of the Caring Stars program best assisted living centers from the country. Caring Stars communities are the most acclaimed on behalf of consumers since they are the best in the industry. In order for this type of living centers to be considered for the award, they had to between 2013 and 2014 received minimally three reviews. The centers also had to receive at least one perfect score. In the end of the cycle, they had to receive a grade of five stars. The senior community from California was among one of the winners in the nation and is considered currently the best one in the state.

The Caring Stars program was the first of its type in the industry for its genuine mission and dedication in guiding consumers about their choices. The program was too recognized back in 2013 by the National Mature Media Awards. also guides and supports assisted living communities, especially in regards to consumer preferences. Each year, these type of assisting facilities are discussed and reviewed in many types of social media platforms. The centers are too profiled and review by Caring and provided with training materials. More information about senior living communities can be found at Caring’s website.

The Manse on Marsh was established in 2001 by Chris Skiff, a man who has been developing and enhancing senior communities for decades. This living center, which is also located in the nice area of Arroyo Grande, offers a full gamut of lifestyle choices that are ideal for individuals from all walks of life. This center is also ideal for seniors who are seeking respite stays or temporary residence in order to achieve a life transition. All seniors at this place are given a pendant and five discreet daily check-ins, regardless of residential status at the center.

This assisting facility also offers many housing options. It even offers luxurious cottages and private homes. Residents of the community can also enjoy of the many wellness and entertainment services available. In fact, this center is known for its top-of-the-line theaters, clubs and seminars. The facility offers as well optional programs, which include meal reminders, showering assistance and even customized care plans. Caregivers, medical technicians and nurses are also available at all times.